23-02-2024 05:46 PM | Source: ANI
Buddha relics in Thailand` Indian flags fly high in Bangkok` countries deep cultural bond on display
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 Sacred relics of Lord Buddha arrived in Thailand’s Bangkok on February 22. Indian Flags fly high in the city as a grand procession is underway in Bangkok. Lord Buddha’s holy relics on its way from National Museum to Sanam Luang Ground. Holy relics embark on a solemn journey and will be enshrined in the hallowed grounds of Sanam Luang. Lord Buddha’s relics, along with his two disciples, Arahata Sariputra, Arahata Maudgalayana, will be enshrined in grand Mandapam. The mandapam is prepared at royal grounds to let people pay their reverence from Makha Bucha Day onwards. The solemn journey witnessed lantern and lotus processions, along with ethnic performances. The Makha Bucha procession enshrines the Buddha image in the posture showing Patimokkha teachings. The ceremony is open to the public to pay homage from February 24 to March 3, between 9 am and 8 pm.