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Script Type Prev NAV Latest NAV Change (Rs.) % Daily Return % Annual Return
DSP Small Cap FundOpen ended scheme156.59155.72-0.870-0.5634.61
IDBI Ultra Short Term FundOpen ended scheme2,123.832,113.91-9.920-170.455.87
Mirae Asset Large Cap FundOpen ended scheme92.5692.29-0.270-0.2912.27
Union Flexi Cap FundOpen ended scheme42.0741.96-0.110-0.2620.71
Helios Flexi Cap FundOpen ended scheme10.7910.77-0.020-0.190
360 ONE Focused Equity FundOpen ended scheme38.3438.27-0.070-0.1822.58
Taurus Nifty 50 Index FundOpen ended scheme39.8039.73-0.070-0.1812.11
Motilal Oswal Nifty 50 ETFOpen ended scheme212.61212.24-0.370-0.1713.75
Quantum Nifty 50 ETFOpen ended scheme2,412.282,408.07-4.210-0.1713.71
Nippon India ETF Nifty 50 BeESOpen ended scheme266.69266.23-0.470-0.1713.78
Axis Bluechip FundOpen ended scheme49.5849.50-0.080-0.1610.66
PGIM India Large Cap FundOpen ended scheme280.58280.16-0.420-0.1512.93
Edelweiss ELSS Tax saver FundOpen ended scheme86.9586.82-0.130-0.1518.01
Franklin India Bluechip FundOpen ended scheme2,092.952,089.99-2.970-0.1413.63
Mahindra Manulife ELSS Tax Saver FundOpen ended scheme23.3123.28-0.030-0.1218.11
JM Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme29.4529.42-0.030-0.16.83
Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity FundOpen ended scheme49.4849.43-0.050-0.115.09
HSBC ELSS Tax saver FundOpen ended scheme95.8895.80-0.090-0.0920.8
NJ Balanced Advantage FundOpen ended scheme11.8111.80-0.010-0.0817.3
Bajaj Finserv Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme10.1410.14-0.010-0.080
LIC MF Aggressive Hybrid FundOpen ended scheme80.4980.43-0.060-0.0813.74
Navi Regular Savings FundOpen ended scheme24.2224.20-0.020-28.036.02
Groww Largecap FundOpen ended scheme34.8634.84-0.020-0.0613.15
Tata Hybrid Equity FundOpen ended scheme361.05360.86-0.190-0.0511.03
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities FundOpen ended scheme29.9629.95-0.020-0.057.6
HDFC Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme27.4027.39-0.010-0.057.34
WhiteOak Capital ELSS Tax Saver FundOpen ended scheme12.9412.93-0.010-0.0523.84
ICICI Prudential Equity-Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme30.6030.59-0.010-0.047.26
Parag Parikh Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme10.0710.060.000-0.040
Bandhan Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme28.4828.46-0.010-0.047.27
UTI Aggressive Hybrid FundOpen ended scheme327.74327.61-0.130-0.0419.72
Invesco India Arbitrage FundOpen ended scheme28.0728.06-0.010-0.037.5
Baroda BNP Paribas Banking and Financial Services FundOpen ended scheme37.2837.28-0.010-0.0215.9
Sundaram Focused FundOpen ended scheme131.84131.82-0.020-0.0216.28
Bank of India Conservative Hybrid FundOpen ended scheme30.6430.640.000-4.179.16
Shriram Balanced Advantage FundOpen ended scheme15.2615.260.000-0.0111.76
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Advantage FundOpen ended scheme893.07893.04-0.040-019.29
ITI ELSS Tax Saver FundOpen ended scheme18.7718.770.000-028.4
Kotak Bluechip FundOpen ended scheme605.53605.52-0.010-016.06
Quant Liquid PlanOpen ended scheme21.4521.450.000-0.288.24
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