08-04-2024 12:42 PM | Source: Kedia Advisory
Summer Sowing Surges : Record Coverage Amidst Rainfall Variability and Reservoir Concerns by Amit Gupta, Kedia Advisory

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Summer sowing, especially of paddy, witnesses a remarkable 11% increase over last year, with significant upticks in states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Despite variations in rainfall, crop sowing, excluding coarse cereals, shows an overall 8% rise, alongside slight increases in summer pulses and oilseeds acreage.


Summer Paddy Coverage: Summer paddy sowing has seen a significant increase, with coverage 11% higher than the same period last year, reaching 29.44 lakh hectares.

Regional Updates: West Bengal's summer paddy area remains robust, while Tamil Nadu and Telangana have also reported increased sowing.

Overall Crop Sowing: Crop sowing, excluding coarse cereals, has reached 46.88 lakh hectares, marking an 8% increase compared to last year.

Summer Pulses and Oilseeds: Summer pulses and oilseeds acreage have seen a slight uptick, with higher coverage reported for urad, moong, groundnut, and sesamum.

Rainfall Trends: Cumulative rainfall since March 1 shows a 10% deficit nationwide, with notable variations across regions, including 12% deficit in the north-west and 80% below normal in the South Peninsula.

Reservoir Levels: Major reservoirs in the southern region are experiencing a significant decline in water levels, dropping to 20% of their capacity, posing potential challenges for irrigation and agriculture.


The surge in summer sowing, particularly in paddy cultivation, signals a promising start for the agricultural season, potentially mitigating losses from the previous rabi season. However, concerns loom over erratic rainfall patterns and declining reservoir levels, especially in the southern region, which could pose challenges for irrigation and crop growth. Government intervention and strategic water management will be crucial in ensuring sustained agricultural productivity amidst these challenges.


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