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US market behaviour during the earning session and opportunities for Indian investors during the muhrat trading By Viram Shah, Vested Finance
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Quote on Diwali Muhurat Trading By Mr. Viram Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Vested Finance

* Nasdaq- it’s a good time to invest for Indians!

“Two factors will work in favor of the US stocks.

First, consumption in the USA hasn’t slowed down. So the more prominent companies will continue to attract consumers despite a general slow down across industries. This will benefit the large-cap and mega-cap companies in generating steady cash flows.

Second, with the rise in uncertainty due to inflation and war in certain developed countries, investors will rush to buy the large cap and mega-cap operating globally to diversify their portfolio and minimize the overall risk. This is evident as the US Dollar is appreciating against all the major currencies in the world.

In this backdrop, some investors may find an opportunity in the US stocks, especially Mega cap and large cap stocks given their strong business, financials and steady cash flows. These companies have sufficient capital to withstand market fluctuations and may be in a better position to weather out the storm.”

* Corporate earnings season in US market:

"On the one hand, banks such as JP Morgan and Wells Fargo revealed higher-than-expected credit loss provisions. The better-than-expected quarterly results from Bank of America and BNY Mellon, on the other hand, were a positive for investors. The USA’s recent consumer inflation data, though, demonstrated that the Fed still has a lot of work to do to keep inflation under control, and investors are keeping a tight eye on it. The performance of companies such as Netflix, United Airlines, AT&T, and others will help evaluate demand from a consumption standpoint."

* Muhrat Trading

"There is no concept of Muhrat Trading in the US market; however, keeping Indian investors in mind, we at Vested have launched the Global International Investing Festival to encourage investors to participate in global investing and, in exchange, they can win up to 49 gram of digital gold with $15 of assured bonus if they initiate a transfer on the Vested platform."


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