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4 Smart Strategies of Smart Investors

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The Indian stock market provides investors and traders with the potential to build their wealth over time provided they make smart decisions. That said, these earnings are dependent on wise and knowledgeable decisions. Continue reading to learn about some of these wise steps that you can take. A handful of these suggestions are available with ease on the Angel One website.


Diversify your Holdings

By spreading your assets across an array of diverse investments you can minimize the risk you expose yourself to. Portfolio diversification also entitles you to increase your potential returns over a longer time frame. Further, by virtue of holding diverse investments, you are provided with adequate cushioning in the event that there are downturns within the market.


Take Advantage of Smart Recommendations

For starters, you can use the Smart Recommendations from Angel One to make wise investment decisions. Smart Recommendations1 are those that are provided with the aid of a rule-based investment engine. These recommended are based on rules that have proven themselves over time. As a result, they are used to select growth, quality, high momentum, and value stocks from the broader range of stocks available in the market.

Another feature of Smart Recommendations is that they are free of human bias as they make use of smart beta. This is incredibly valuable as it means that no emotions have been the reason behind any stock recommendations.


Invest on a Regular Basis

Ordinarily, most people will find that investing small sums of money on a regular basis (think weekly- or monthly-basis) is easier in comparison to making a big, lump-sum contribution. By investing regularly you can choose when to make a contribution and the amount that works best for you. Investments made on a regular basis also allow the power of compounding to truly work its wonders.


Say Yes to Zero Brokerage

When signing up with a broker it is important to look out for brokerage fees as they can cut into your earnings. With Angel One, you can enjoy Zero Brokerage2 on your investments. The value of this lies in the fact that it makes investing a more affordable process. That said it is important to note that there may be other fees that may apply to the services availed of by traders and investors.


Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of these smart tools and suggestions, consider incorporating them into your own investment journey. These straightforward suggestions can potentially improve your trading and investment decisions and consequently your wealth.



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