07-12-2023 05:37 PM | Source: PR Agency
Quote on RBI`s Monetary Policy Expectations By Mr. Kaushik Mehta, RUloans Distribution Services
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Below The quote on RBI's Monetary Policy Expectations. The impact of rate on Home loan, personal loan, and outlook from Mr. Kaushik Mehta, Founder & CEO of RUloans Distribution Services. 

"As the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to maintain a cautious and potentially hawkish stance in the current financial year, impacting both home loans and personal loans (PL), it underscores a prudent approach to managing inflationary pressures. While this caution may pose challenges in the short term, it's crucial to recognize that the RBI's commitment to keeping interest rates unchanged provides stability to the entire lending landscape, instilling confidence among borrowers.

This approach, though more evident in its impact on personal loans, is considered a temporary measure. Looking ahead to the next financial year, there is optimism that the RBI's measures will contribute to a more favorable lending environment, with expectations of home loans outpacing personal loans. The central bank's dedication to economic stability, reflected in its reluctance to change rates, signals a steady trajectory. As borrowers navigate through this period, the stability in interest rates has positive implications for both home loans and personal loans, fostering an environment conducive to well-informed financial decisions, particularly with the housing sector anticipated to experience robust growth"


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