06-04-2024 11:40 AM | Source: ANI
Lakshadweep witnesses surge in tourist numbers post Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s Visit
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's last visit to Lakshadweep has sparked global interest in the destination which is also visible after seeing a spike in Google searches. As a result of PM Modi’s visit, Lakshadweep is witnessing tourists in huge numbers since then. Renowned for its serene beaches and diverse tourism offerings, the destination continues to captivate travellers seeking tranquillity and adventure alike. Speaking to ANI, the tourism officer gave insights about Lakshadweep and the growing tourism in the Union territory. He said, “Lakshadweep is a very unique and very isolated tourist destination. We have been streamlining various tourism activities on the Island. Lakshadweep is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Prime Minister visited the Lakshadweep Island last December and the impact of his visit was huge.”Speaking to ANI, a tourist shared his experience and said, “Our experience was amazing and I think we were trying to find a destination like this only where things are raw and not very much commercialized.”