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A Day in The Life of An Options Trader

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A Brief Overview

With options, it is possible for you to diversify your sources of income. While these options might expose them to more risks, they also provide them with the opportunity to accrue greater returns. Read on to understand how their day-to-day life unfolds and understand key facets of options trading.


The Daily Life of An Options Trader

An options trader’s daily life varies in accordance with whether they are situated on the floor of an exchange or are situated off the floor and occupy a prop desk, work at a bank or at a hedge fund, or in front of their computers at their homes.


Electronic Trading

Options traders that trade online have an online options trading account which is possible on websites such as Angel One

On these online trading platforms, options traders can select the options they seek to buy or sell. Following this, they predict the option strike price and determine the time frame for their options. Timing and speed of trade becomes key as markets can move against their positions and quick exits of positions have to be made. Platforms such as Insta Trade by Angel One allows traders to keep track of the markets, execute trades  quickly and keep  track of the PnL.

Constant supervision of the markets is needed and being ready to work before the market opens to keep track of the news prior to the market opening is also important. For a trader the platform becomes the most important tool to ensure trades are executed quickly and the right information is provided to ensure they are profitable.


On-Floor Trading

While on-floor trading was more popular in the previous decade, it involved traders waking up well in advance of the opening bell and acquainting themselves with the global futures and whether they have risen, fallen or remained unchanged.

Following this, options traders then visit the pit and secure themselves a spot. Trade Speed is valued and trading as much as possible from the opening right up to the closing is ideal. This method of trading has now been replaced with most options traders  now trading electronically through platforms on their computers.



It is important to understand that options trade on varied underlying assets and need speed and precision to trade. The right trading platforms for quick and easy trading and all information made available in a simple manner is paramount for success when trading options.

In order to begin your own options trading journey, consider visiting Insta Trade and downloading the Angel One application on your smartphone. Insta Trade allows you to trade options in a simple manner, with all the tools and information you need on the same screen.


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