Published on 5/01/2022 10:49:28 AM | Source: Angel One Ltd

How Can Investors Up Their Game by Leveraging Smart Solutions?

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In order to navigate the stock markets with ease, it is recommended that you gain insight into how the markets operate, study present and previous trends, and acquaint yourself with investing strategies. Today, there exist several resources that interested investors and traders alike can tap into in order to increase their knowledge pertaining to the stock markets. Among these offerings exists Angel One’s Knowledge Centre which provides insights into stock trading and investments. Information is shared in a manner that allows learners to understand an array of concepts, terms, practises and strategies that are relevant to the markets.

While this knowledge serves as a cornerstone that each investor should ideally be familiar with, there also exist several smart solutions that they can employ to improve their investing skills. Consider the following smart solutions provided below.


ARQ Prime

Angel One’s ARQ Prime1 is a rule-based investment engine that is capable of drawing out stock recommendations keeping in mind investor preferences. This engine’s viability lies in the fact that it operates free of human intervention or bias. Instead, it scans all the stocks operating within the market keeping in mind time-tested and proven stock investing rules. Investors are ultimately provided with recommendations that include value stocks, high momentum stocks, growth stocks and quality stocks.



Angel One is cognizant of the fact that several savvy investors may seek to make investments overseas rather than relying solely on the Indian stock markets. With Vested2 , it is possible for investors to do just that. Here, investors can take advantage of zero commission investments and are entitled to make fractional investments. Fractional investments allow investors to gain access to company stock they might otherwise be unable to afford. These investments serve as a great stepping stone and can prove to be eye-opening for beginners in particular. With Vested, it is also possible for investors to take advantage of readymade curated portfolios.



Angel One allows investors to examine market themes and take into account strategies based on which they can make appropriate investments with smallcases3 . Each of these investments helps investors build diversified, long- term portfolios for a modest price. Here, investors purchase multiple stocks with 3 simple clicks. The smallcase offering then allows investors to track small cases at any point in time regardless of where they might be located. Curated portfolios are managed by experts and this is particularly beneficial to those that aren’t as well versed with the markets and require help.



The Streak x Angel One tie-up also provides investors with tons of opportunities to enhance their investing game. With Streak4 , it is possible for investors to scan the entire stock market within seconds. Not only is this time saving but it also allows investors to focus on areas that interest and appeal to them. Here, investors can trade strategically without being bogged down by coding requirements. They also have the opportunity to backtest their strategies at lightning speed which is most useful in time-sensitive situations.



1 ARQ is not an exchange approved product and any dispute related to this will not be dealt on exchange platform

2 The role of Angel One Limited is restricted to referrer only

3 The smallcase facilities offered by the SEBI registered entities. Angel One Ltd. is just acting as distributor of all disputes with respect to the distribution activity and would not have access to

4 Vested is not exchange traded products and Angel One Ltd. is just acting as distributor all dispute with respect to the distribution activity would not have access to exchange investor Redressal Forum or Arbitration mechanism