Published on 18/04/2022 11:06:20 AM | Source: Angel One Ltd

Financial Planning Tools for Women

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The past two decades have witnessed women make several strides within the professional space.Given these accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that a number of Indian women are using their money wisely and directing it towards channels that can potentially generate adequate returns. Simply put, the participation of female Indian investors has increased dramatically. This holds true despite the past two years that were plagued by the coronavirus pandemic. Angel One has recognized the fact that Indian women are keen to enter the financial markets and has made available a number of resources geared towards meeting their needs.

There are a number of benefits that women derive from investing in the markets. Financial freedom happens to be key here. By investing their money cautiously, it is possible for women to no longer be dependent on their spouses or parents. Further, wise investments made by women allow them to build their wealth over long periods of time such that they can work towards fulfilling their goals and being self-sufficient.

The Angel One Knowledge Center has been designed to cater to those that are new to the markets as well as those that are more seasoned investors and traders. Information made available here provides insights into financial markets. It also features research reports that have been prepared with the aid of fundamental and technical analysis on stocks. These articles have each been prepared by Angel One’s dedicated research team that carries out the fundamental research that is needed to make informed investment decisions. After scanning these reports and assessing the information available on the Knowledge Center it is possible to understand varied concepts and strategies relating to equity investments.

If you’ve ever seen or heard of the hashtag #LaxmiMantra it’s because Angel One has brought it into existence.  To understand this better consider the fact that since many female investors have begun to gain interest in the markets, Angel One has begun offering YouTube videos that focus on addressing their financial and investment needs. Available under the hashtag #LaxmiMantra, these videos are aired every Saturday at 6 PM. Prepared by, hosted by, and directed towards women, these videos provide insights into varied aspects of financial management. Varied topics ranging from how to invest your salary and risk-free investments that provide fruitful returns.

Each of Angel One’s offerings has gained credence over the past two years as is evident from the fact that the percentage of women investing in the stock market has considerably risen. Now that the pandemic has begun to ease up and the markets have begun to return to their pre-corona state, women investors have begun to think more about long-term goals while making their investments. If you still haven’t taken a look at the aforementioned resources, it is recommended that you visit the Angel One website such that you can learn more and begin your investment journey.


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