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Tools to Leverage as a Beginner for Smart Investing
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The Indian stock market has around 7,000+ firms listed . If you start reviewing the financials of every company while looking for attractive firms to invest in, it may take years. And it's for this reason that stock screeners may save investors a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, finding someone to teach you stock fundamentals does not have to be expensive. The majority of the knowledge required to learn about the share market is freely accessible on the internet. You may check out Smart Money1 platform by Angel One, which is an investor education platform that offering a variety of modules and certifications for beginner to learning more about financial markets.


What Is a Stock Screener, And How Does It Work?

A stock screener is a software that sorts through all of the businesses that are listed on a stock exchange and selects a few stocks to focus on for further analysis. The investors specify the criteria, and the stock screener generates the required results based on those criteria. After that, you can compile a list of companies that fulfil the requirements outlined above by using a stock screener to integrate all of these filters into a single one.

Screeners for stocks may be pretty useful since they can help you save time looking through potential investments. You do not have to go through all of the companies that are listed in order to choose the stocks to invest in. The 

following is a list of stock screeners that are suitable for use with Indian stocks, and every investor needs to be acquainted with it.


Key Stock Screener You Should Be Aware Of

The following is a list of the ideal stock screeners for Indian stocks that you should be familiar with and bookmark in your browser.

* Screener.in - The screener is a basic yet effective stock screening website. Screener's query builder enables users to shortlist companies using a variety of parameters such as market capitalization, PE ratio, book value, profit, ROE and sales. The stock screener's findings can be highly tweaked, and the screen can also be stored for future use.

* Investing.com - Investing.com is a great place to start if you're looking for a way to screen stocks. On Investing.com, you may use a variety of criteria to screen companies, including price, ratios, fundamentals, volume & volatility, dividends, and technical indicators. You may choose the industry you want to explore and then use a variety of criteria to narrow down the ideal stocks in that area, such as P/Book value, PE, ROCE, and so on.

There are many different types of screeners available and the ideal one for you will depend on what works best for you and whether you want a basic or technical screener. However, accuracy and real-time data, simplicity of use, a user-friendly interface, rapid filtering, and customization are all crucial factors to consider.

If you want to take your investing game to the next level, consider taking advantages of Smart Recommendations2 from by Angel One. These Smart Recommendations are powered by Angel One’s rule-based engine ARQ Prime2 that scans all the stocks listed in the market to recommend you growth stocks & value stocks through a set of criteria that are free of human bias. It's perfect for both beginners and experienced investors who wish to reduce risk while maximizing their potential returns.


With such advanced digital offering, Angel One enables its users to make smarter investing decisions in the market. Be a part of Angel One's Smart Republic and enjoy the benefits of Zero Brokerage3 and Smart recommendations.


Start now by downloading the Angel One mobile app and take your investing game to the next level.



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