Published on 16/02/2022 12:41:17 PM | Source: Angel One Ltd

How to Navigate the Stock Market as a New Investor

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New Investors and the Hurdles of the Stock Market

As an investor new to the markets, it isn’t out of the ordinary to be intimidated by all that they entail and the options available. Today, there exist a ton of financial instruments that can potentially be invested in owing to which new investors can get overwhelmed. Mentioned below are three resources that can be used such that new investors can navigate the stock markets with greater agility and have their wits about them.


The Knowledge Centre by Angel One

This resource serves as the perfect tool that new investors ought to utilise such that they can handle the stock market with ease. Information provided on this website is divided into modules that each explain varied topics that are relevant to the stock markets and covers terms, strategies, concepts and practices. Once you acquaint yourself with this website, you will have a more holistic understanding of financial concepts ranging from initial public offerings and derivatives to the share market and commodities trading.


Leverage ARQ Prime

Those hoping to dip their feet into the world of investments can consider looking into Angel One’s ARQ Prime offering. This rule-based investment engine has been designed to recommend stocks to investors that are devoid of human bias or human intervention. By utilising Smart Beta, this engine recommends a wide range of stocks that include growth, high momentum, quality and value stocks. Recommendations are made keeping in mind the goals of an investor as well as his (or her) threshold for risk. Those that use this engine get to minimise the risks they expose themselves to as it helps them cut their losses early on. Returns drawn since subscription to the stocks recommended are also made clear. What really makes this offering viable however, is the fact that it can be tried for free and there is no auto renewal in place allowing investors to try out the offering in a manner that is fair.


Smart Money - A comprehensive guide to financial markets

Smart Money3 by Angel One helps investors make the transition from learning about the stock market to earning from it. Beginners as well as stock market connoisseurs can take advantage of the structured lessons provided such that they can enhance their wealth. Users have the option to personalise their learning persons and take advantage of curated modules designed for those new to the stock markets as well as those hoping to invest for the long run. Traders reliant on technical analysis can take advantage of specialised modules as well.


Wrapping Up

In case the aforementioned paragraphs didn’t make clear, the Angel One website has something for everyone and has been designed to help investors and traders alike acquire financial success. By visiting

their website today, you can learn more about the offerings available in the financial markets today and can decide whether or not they suit your investor profile. Rather than focusing on the amount of money you can spare to invest, focus on learning more about the markets such that you can benefit in the long run.



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