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The Changing Landscape Of Fintech

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Financial technology or fintech refers to the technology-enabled financial solutions on offer today. The world of fintech has evolved with technological contributions increasing over time. While fintech originally started out with a focus on the development of infrastructure aimed at attending to all that financial globalization entailed, it expanded rapidly.



The OG Clientele

By 1987, which was when Angel Broking was founded, fintech saw a transition from analog to digital which was the backdrop against which traditional financial institutions emerged. Angel Broking being one of them, was popular with Indian customers that had a certain background which enabled them to understand all that Angel Broking entailed. These customers were already experts within the realm of finance and understood traditional financial ideals. They had a serious and aggressive attitude towards their investments which were governed by decisions made from a formal education in finance where orthodox investment patterns reigned supreme.


Gen-Z and Millennial Clients 

The second decade of the 21st century brought with it rapid and transformative innovations to the fintech landscape. These innovations were accompanied by new investors looking to explore their options in the fintech market. These new investors were younger and more familiar with technological developments. They favored a new mindset and were fluent in the cryptocurrency arena. Perhaps what made them stand out most, however, was their fluency with smartphones. The fintech sector had to alter the way it offered its financial services in order to keep up with this new platform of dissemination of ideas, services, and information.

Gen-Z and millennials account for new investors today. They have a different, more youthful, and cool attitude towards their investments. Driven by a motivation to succeed, they differ quite significantly from their previous counterparts.


Their attitude towards investment and wealth is governed by the following.

  • Their investment decisions are governed by instant gratification. Moreover, they take into account the way society functions and consider the trends that occur on social networking applications before making investment decisions.
  • Young investors are willing to invest in areas they might not always have had exposure to.
  • These young investors combine old and new strategies when they invest their money which is primarily directed towards stocks. Technology and impact investing are areas of interest.


As Angel One has seen itself evolve, it has made sure its clients evolve with it. The Angel team has provided their clients with a wide range of content aimed at educating them on the market which has empowered them to make prudent financial decisions.



Angel Broking has been able to grasp the fact that the fintech landscape is ever-evolving and that the world of finance is not fixed within a certain frame. Keeping this in mind, they have altered their name and now go by Angel One in order to help their clients and partners recognize their evolutionary nature. They have complemented this name change with a newly conceptualized image that showcases them as a digital-first fintech brand.

Angel One seeks to empower their audience with innovative and contemporary ideals that move beyond ‘broking’ which isn’t favored by gen-z and millennials alike. By adopting seamless brand architecture, they have been able to use an umbrella brand strategy that highlights a number of business extensions that the Angel One team now offers its patrons.



Angel One, as it is now called, seeks to offer their clients a single solution that addresses every financial need each young Indian consumer might find themselves facing. The wide arena of offerings now includes insurance, mutual fund, and stock trading services in addition to several others. Each of these services is driven by superior technology that enhances the customer’s experience.

Angel One is stylized with a modern typeface that makes use of the color orange which adds vibrancy and youth to the logo. The fonts employed are both narrow and broad, which lends a dynamic zing to the design and is aimed at catering to gen-Z and millennial clientele which are a bulk of the brand’s audience.


We look forward to seeing Angel One continue to grow and experience even greater levels of success.


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