Published on 18/08/2022 5:43:29 PM | Source: IANS

This Adidas headphone takes power from Sun, even bedroom lights

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Adidas has unveiled a unique self-charging Bluetooth headphones with in-built solar cells into the recycled plastic headband, that converts all forms of natural and artificial light into battery life.

The headphones are designed to endure the everyday challenges of an active lifestyle and it features up to 80 hours of stored playtime in the darkness, according to the company.

Adidas 'RPT-02 SOL' with Exeger's Powerfoyle technology allows users to manage their listening experience with ease using the control jog and find the best light with the 'innovative light indicator.'

The company said that the IPX4-rated design gives users that little bit extra during their workout and lets the headphones handle the sweat.

The headphones are not waterproof but can handle sweat and splashes.

In the new headphones, removable and washable parts include the inner headband and ear cushions.

The headphones are also made of a combination of recycled plastic and nylon.

According to reports, the solar cell material can be screen-printed onto plastic, allowing for a wide variety of applications.

The same technology is seen in Urbanista's solar-powered headphones that also claims to offer 80 hours of "reserve" battery life.