Published on 16/07/2022 4:46:49 PM | Source: IANS

Tesla to protect life, SpaceX to extend it beyond Earth: Elon Musk

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 Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that the electric vehicle company is to protect life on Earth and his space company to extend it beyond Earth.

The tech billionaire expressed his opinion on his ventures on microblogging platform Twitter.

"Tesla is to protect life on Earth, SpaceX to extend life beyond," Musk wrote.

In reply to a user, he said that the company plans to pull down the prices of its car if inflation calmed down.

Last month, Musk-owned Tesla once again increased the prices of its electric cars across its entire lineup, with some models going up by as much as $6,000.

Meanwhile, a report said that the electric car company Tesla had laid off workers from its San Mateo office that employed 276 workers.