Investment and Finance Tips for Single Mothers

Single mothers have to face multiple challenges, both on the financial and social front. Whether it’s a divorce or untimely death of a spouse; it becomes difficult to manage different situations. You have to be brave, wise, and strong enough to secure your life against all odds. 

On the financial front, you should be aware of various aspects that need immediate attention. Y

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Rate of women migrating for work double that of men

Women migrating for work and education between 2001 and 2011 grew at a rate that outpaced men who moved for similar reasons, shows an IndiaSpend analysis of Census data.

In this period, the number of women migrating for work grew by 101 per cent, more than double the growth rate for men (48.7 per cent). Also, the number of women who cited business as a reason for migration increased b

'Women's empowerment can increase global GDP by $12 tn'

Empowering women to achieve economic equality would "exponentially" increase global gross domestic product (GDP) by at least $12 trillion by 2025, according to Assistant Secretary General Lakshmi Puri.

With women's equal participation in the economy, world GDP has the potential to even go up to $28 trillion, she said Tuesday citing a study done by the consulting company,

Women in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry - Morningstar Investment Adviser

Women Fund Managers in India:

Women are underrepresented in the fund manager ranks globally and it has been no different in India. While gender equality is a topic that’s ever prevalent, women are vastly outnumbered by men in fund-management ranks not only in absolute terms but also relative to other professional industries.

At Mornings

64% women satisfied with their work in metros

Around 64 per cent working women in the metro cities were satisfied with their workplaces, industry body PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry said on Tuesday.

"Majority of women participants (64 per cent) stated they were either completely or somewhat satisfied with their work," said a survey on "Work Life and Balance and Health Concerns of Women" undertaken b

Greed and Fear in the Stock Market - Dynamic Levels

The dictionary meaning of the word "Greed" is "intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food". On the other hand “Fear” stands for “be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful.”

Traditionally, human beings are guided by "Greed" and "Fear", which are the

The Enigma of the Street, How to Make the Best Guess -

Needless to say, the Street is an enigma. One will never know enough what goes inside that big head of the market. That’s why speculations and guessing games happen. Investing in stocks is like gambling, if one doesn’t know the trick how to pick the stocks, it might cost them a fortune. Playing the stock market is thrilling. The adrenaline rush it gives makes it a much talked about

Following mistakes to avoide by women investment

Many women are actually scared of investing. Only one in three women considers herself knowledgeable about investing at all. Here are some common investment mistakes women make


1.    Delaying Investing

Most women put off investing as long as possible, but because we live longer than men, we should actually star

Investment Plans for Women

Women should always think for long term and short term goals in life. For example retirement Planning, Child’s higher studies, world tour, dream house, etc. could be the long term goals and short term goals could be like a part time course, marriage, etc. Women need to master the art of investing, in order to stay financially independent and to plan for long term and short term goals. The

Few Investment Tips for Working Women

Indian Women today are busy. They manage their career as well as raise their family or even may run a business. They need a perfect plan for investment. 


Here are different investment avenues to look at:


Women have always had a soft corner for gold. Wealth, prosperity

Most Indians ready to take debt for child's education: Study

A vast majority of Indian parents, as many as 71 per cent, are willing to take debt to fund their children's higher education, said a study conducted by a leading international bank on Tuesday.

In case of foreign bound students, the parents' willingness to avail debt for financing their children's education rose to 76 per cent.

"The financial sacrifices that

Let Logic Control Your Emotion

In this article we will focus on some of the Dos and Don’ts of the share market. Few points we need to keep in mind for profitable trades. Some emotions that can affect our trades and the right way to control them with logic are also discussed below.

It will not be wrong to say that we women at times let our emotions rule our decisions. That is how we are. There is nothing w

Investment banker to cosmetic queen: How daughter helped to change her life's course (Mother's Day Business Feature)

 It was virtually 'poetic justice' for entrepreneur Falguni Nayar.

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad and occupying top posts in the financial sector for over 24 years, Nayar's life took a turn after a Greek poet's work shared by her daughter inspired her to set up an e-commerce multi-brand retail store for beauty products that em

Women run 14 percent of Indian businesses, most self-financed

Richa DubeyÂ’s profession - running an online retail business that connects artisans with consumers - may not appear unusual for a modern Indian woman, but newly-released data indicate just how much women lag men.

No more than 14 percent of business establishments in India are run by female entrepreneurs, according to the Sixth Economic Census by the National Sam

How to aim for profit in Share Market.

“Get assured Profit” is a phrase that is as misguiding as it gets. For beginners in Share Market this might sound quite alluring but the truth is you have to be informed and educated on Share Market before you step into it.


But is that all?

If one has all the knowledge of the share market but lacks certain

Getting Started: The most important step is to take first step

Financial literacy is as important as the effort you make to earn money. Women today love and value independence and first step towards the same is financial independence.

Here are some quick points that you would want to keep in mind before investing and hope it helps you take first step towards Investments.
1.Ask Why ? Yes, be clear of the objective or the

Women need to take charge of their financial decisions

Today’s women are driven to succeed both personally and professionally. Unlike few decades back today women are breaking “glass ceiling” in every field and are “Earning lots of money”

However, today also many women spend most of their lives focusing on others and are realizing that they must take more responsibility in their financial future.

Confused Buying Insurance?

Confused with high fi jargons and continuous follow-up by your insurance agent?

Ok here you go with some quick tips from our side.

First step before buying insurance plan is to calculate how much insurance cover do you have and how much more you need.
The other important point is to know the exact difference between features of life and health insurance

Working hard to live longer ? Caution ! Danger Ahead

Into yoga after getting inspired by Prime Minister Modi ? Dieting ? Regular fitness regime on ?

We women have become health conscious today and have done dramatic change in our lifestyle especially in food ! Thank goodness though size zero is out of fashion !

Living healthy means living longer and some statistics in India suggest that women tend to live longer than men.

Financial Mistakes Women Investors should avoid

1. Investor signing without reading and understanding.

Worse, would be signing blank investments forms. Don’t let politeness get in the way of understanding your finances. Reading and understanding is your right and it does not mean that you don’t trust them. Whether it is banker , broker or your husband they all need to give you space and time to make

Be a disciplined trader and maintain your target and stop

Hello Madam firstly our women investors and followers are glad to know that you are Equity Head Desk of a leading Brokerage Firm. We also thank you for sharing your experience and expertise with our readers. Here are some of the Top Questions that our readers have asked and we will be glad if you could answer them.

Q1. What is your view about importance of financial indepe

Planning Career Break ? Go for it !

When a women leaves the workforce it is a BIG loss for the organisation however it is also a big change in the life of women employee and one needs to be prepared for it mentally, emotionally and financially.

While one hopes that the breaks works well however one needs to prepare for the worst for instance one can get divorced or it would be impossible to get back in to industry a

Some Basic terminologies of Investments used commonly

It is difficult to cover all topics in depth and we advice you to read more on the same before investing. Here is brief explanation about some important concepts.

Inflation:   Inflation means that the general level of prices is going up, so more money will need to be paid for same quantity of goods. For example: the price for buyin

How old (Qualified) is your wealth manager ?

Wait a second before you handover cheque to your wealth manager. Ask yourself some simple questions.

How qualified is my Wealth manager ?

Has he got enough experience to handle my hard earned money ?

Is my wealth manager learning at my cost ?

You will be surprised to know that many Relationship Man

Buy Welspun India Ltd For Target Rs. 160.00 - Dynamic levels

Company Background:

Mumbai based company Welspun India is Asia's largest and the 2nd largest Terry Towel producer in the World. It exports more than 94% of its towels to more than 34 countries. It exports more than 68% of its production to the US, 23 per cent to Europe and the balance to Middle East, Australia, Mauritius. It supplies to 12 out