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Apollo Micro Systems Limited (Apollo Micro) was established on March 3, 1997. The company is based in Hyderabad. Apollo Micro is an electronic, electro-mechanical, engineering designs, manufacturing and supplies company. The company designs, develops and sells high-performance, mission and time critical solutions to Defence, Space and Home Land Security for the Ministry of Defence, government controlled public sector undertakings and private sectors. The company offers customised solutions using common hardware and software technology IP’s which can be re-configured to suit the end application and domain requirements of the end customer.

Apollo Micro also gives custom built COTS (Commercially off-the shelf) solutions based on specific requirements to Defence and Space sector. The systems undergo various stages of approvals right from design, prototyping, functional acceptance, manufacturing and qualification testing. As the systems are exclusively developed for a programme, the developed systems enjoy proprietary status. Thus, these specially developed and approved systems have no competition.

The company offers products in:

* Defence - Avionic Systems

* Defence - Aerospace Systems

* Defence - Naval Systems

* Satellite Space Systems

* Homeland Security & Telematics

* Transportation The defence systems supplies can be broadly classified as: On-Board Systems – These are the electronic systems which are integrated on-board a weapon or a vehicle (the vehicle could be a missile, Aircraft, Ship, Submarine or battle tank) which is used for navigational requirements onboard computation instrumentation & controls telemetry payload acquisition and encoding command & guidance. It also supplies signal processing seeker data, processing height analyzers requirement (Altimeters) and power electronics to power the on-board electronics.

Ground support equipment – This equipment is associated and communicates with on-board equipment or other support equipment which is required for command, control, communication, ground checkout, launch of vehicles and other associated systems.

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