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* Copper trading range for the day is 409.5-420.3.

* Copper prices declined as weak U.S. manufacturing data and escalating U.S.-Iran tensions outweighed lingering mine disruption in top producer Chile.

* Meanwhile, labour unions at Chile's Chuquicamata copper mine voted to reject the latest contract offer of government-controlled mining company Codelco.

* The Chinese environment ministry has granted 240,000 tonnes of quotas for imports high-grade scrap copper, which is being restricted from July 1.

* Warehouse stock for Copper at LME was at 244725mt that is down by -1325mt.

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* Zinc trading range for the day is 197.4-204.2.

* Zinc prices gained on hopes that U.S. and Chinese leaders will be able to get trade talks back on track this week.

* Stocks of refined zinc across Shanghai-bonded warehouses fell for a fourth straight week below 100,000 mt in the week ended June 21, losing 6,900 mt week on week.

* Zinc social inventories shrank over the weekend as lower futures prices of zinc, below the 2,000 yuan/mt level.

* Warehouse stock for Zinc at LME was at 95525mt that is down by -1675mt.

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* Nickel trading range for the day is 872.9-894.3.

* Nickel gained as support seen after nickel stocks on the LME continue to wear thin.

* China's top steelmaking city of Tangshan ordered steel mills across the region to deepen production cuts until the end of July.

* Prices of new homes across China's first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou maintained year-on-year growth in May.

* Warehouse stock for Nickel at LME was at 168876mt that is up by 192mt.

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* Aluminium trading range for the day is 141.6-146.

* Aluminium gained on short covering after prices dropped amid intensified US-Iran tensions and subdued US economic data.

* Global aluminium production had slipped 0.4% year-on-year in the period to date, with figures in line with its view of a global market deficit.

* Social inventories of primary aluminium across eight consumption areas in China, including SHFE warrants, fell 20,000 mt.

* Warehouse stock for Aluminium at LME was at 1016025mt that is down by -7425mt.

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