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Published on 5/12/2018 2:32:14 PM | Source: HT Media

How to ensure a special child is cared for life

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 (Source - HT Media) For Delhi-based Madhusudan Srinivas, 57, making it home early from work every day is a priority. He wants to ensure his son Abhimanyu, 25, who is on the autism spectrum, gets all the time and care that he needs. “Spending quality time with my child is my priority and with the support of my colleagues, I am able to manage early shifts,” said Srinivas. Abhimanyu has all the love and help he needs, but his care doesn’t come cheap.

Like the parents of many special needs children, Srinivas and his wife Shubhra Gupta, both media professionals, have struggled to balance paying for their son’s immediate needs and planning for his future. “Financial planning by a special needs child family is planning for two generations. Parents have to plan for lifetime care of the child within their lifetime and after them,” said Jitendra P.S. Solanki, author of ‘Financial planning for the families having children with special needs’ and a Sebi-registered investment advisor.