Stock Market Prediction 2nd August 2017

* Yesterday's and today's planetary alignment is almost similar.

* Today's graph will be like yesterday, but proceed as per the opening.

* “Anything is possible” as today is zero weightage day. Hence move ahead accordingly.

* On 28-૦7-2૦17, Intraday went down by 16૦૦ points in the Pakistan stock market, and a loss of 2 lakh crores oc

Stock Market Prediction 1st August 2017

* The Moon and Saturn are together today. Hence, only do delivery based work.

* Around 1૦.15 buy Nifty and between 11.5૦ to 12.3૦ sell.

* Around 12.3૦ sell Nifty and immediately exit on earning a profit of 3 rupees.

* Remain extra cautious today and tomorrow.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and no

Stock Market Prediction 31st July 2017

* Today the Moon is in Libra sign. But, the market will be highly volatile due to the Sun-Mars combination.

* 9.15 to 1૦.4૦ Nifty may pass time.

* 1૦.4૦ to 12.3૦ Nifty will go up.

* 12.3૦ till closing bell, frequently enter-exit Nifty, you will earn a good profit.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the autho

Stock Market Prediction 27th July 2017

* Currently, avoid Intraday in Ashok Leyland and Havells.

* The Moon-Jupiter, Mercury-Rahu, and Sun-Mars, these 3 separate combinations will be formed today.

* 9.15 to 9.43 Nifty will pass time around the surface.

* 9.43 to 1૦.25 Nifty may go up slightly.

* 1૦.25 to 12.4૦ initially Nifty may go down, and then slowly move upwards.

* 12.4૦

Stock Market Prediction 26th July 2017

* Jobbing will increase in Pharma and Real Estate stocks, as the Sun and Mars are very close to each other.

* 9.15 to 1૦.૦૦ Nifty will remain below the surface.

* 1૦.૦૦ to 13.૦૦ overall view at Nifty is positive.

* 13.૦૦ to 14.22 mixed to slightly downward trend is expected at Nifty.

* 14.22 to 15.3૦ solid movement on both sides is f

Stock Market Prediction 25th July 2017

* The Moon-Rahu-Mercury combination will confuse both you and the market while deciding the side to deal.

* Today only 2 clear trends are foreseen by Ganesha, and an uneven pattern is expected during rest of the day.

* Do delivery based work today.

* Around 1૦.3૦ buy and around 12.25 sell.

* Around 12.4૦ sell, and around 13.4૦ buy.

Stock Market Prediction 24th July 2017

* The Mercury-Rahu combination will cause major upheavals in Bank stocks.

* 9.15 to 11.1૦ trade with a small margin.  11.1૦ to 13.૦૦ Nifty will move upwards.

* Avoid taking a long position in the next slot, and just do Intraday.

* 13.૦૦ to 15.3૦ deal only with a margin of 2 rupees.


The views and predictions expressed here

Stock Market Prediction 21st July 2017

* FII, traders, big bulls and mutual funds will cause solid movement, as the Moon will be very strong today.

* During initial 15 minutes, the market will go up.

* 9.3૦ to 11.3૦ Nifty may go down slightly.

* 11.3૦ to 12.55 Nifty will go up.

* 12.55 to 13.55 Nifty may go down.

* 13.55 to 14.55 Nifty will go up slightly, but around 14.37 a co

Stock Market Prediction 20th July 2017

* The Moon-Venus combination will cause movement in Media and Entertainment stocks today.

* During initial 2 hours, only buy and sell. Avoid taking a long position, as the trend will change after every 20 minutes.

* 11.15 to 13.15 expect a one-sided game, which shall mostly be positive, but it is difficult to tell the number of points.

* 13.15 to 13.55 Nifty may go

Stock Market Prediction 19th July 2017

* In 2013 GDP was 5.5%, and in 2017 GDP is 7.1%.

* According to World Bank, it shall be 7.2% to 7.7% in the next 2 years.

* During last 3 years, inflation has decreased from 10.2% to 4.5%. And, overall the market is strong. But, you only have time till October 2019, as thereafter a big crash is foreseen.

* 9.15 to 11.૦૦ is most volatile slot of today, wherein a

Stock Market Prediction 18th July 2017

* Last month, the Sensex went up by 1ooo points in just 33 trading sessions. Hope you recollect that we had already predicted this bullish trend in our 2017-18 book.

* Today only 3 trends are foreseen, hence avoid trading in rest of the slots.

* Deal with delivery capacity.

* Short-sell around the opening time, and around 1o.4o buy.

* Around 11.3o buy, an

Stock Market Prediction 17th July 2017

* A very aggressive pattern is foreseen during this month as the Sun and Mars are together.

* Intraday traders should only do Intraday as per the weekly file.

* F&O traders must read our monthly file and book.

* Short-term traders and all others must deal after reading the slots in our book.

* 17-૦7-2૦17 to 2૦-૦7-2૦17 the market will be unre

Stock Market Prediction 14th July 2017

* You may take some time to understand GST, but don't forget that overall the Indian market is strong.

* Moon and Ketu are still together, hence also remain cautious today.

* Pre-opening to 9.45 Nifty will go up.

* 9.45 to 11.49 Nifty may go down.

* 11.49 to 13.27 Nifty shall go up.

* 13.27 to 15.૦5 Nifty may remain mixed to slightly negat

Stock Market Prediction 13th July 2017

* This is a confusing and unpredictable day, as Moon and Ketu are together.

* Especially refer the weightage from 17.7.17 to 2૦.7.17 in our monthly file.

* Also read the slot between 5-7-2૦17 to ૦3-૦8-2૦17 (23 trading days) in our book.

* During the initial 30 minutes, Nifty will try to remain on the up side of the surface.

* 1૦.૦૦ to 12.3

Stock Market Prediction 12th July 2017

* From today, aggressive planet Mars will move into Cancer, which is its debilitation sign.

* This is a high-risk, high-gain day, observes Ganesha.

* The Mars-Mercury conjunction will cause volatility in bank and real estate related stocks.

* Opening to 11.5૦ is a very good slot. Wherein, movement on both sides is foreseen, hence do Intraday

* 11.5૦ t

Stock Market Prediction 11th July 2017

* Astrologically and fundamentally, major changes are not foreseen currently.

* Ideal day for Intraday, hence trade only with delivery capacity today.

* Around 9.4o short sell Nifty and exit on making a profit.

* Around 11.4o buy and exit on earning 2 rupees.

* Around 13.4o short sell and around 14.3o exit.

* Deal as per your capacity and consid

Stock Market Prediction 10th July 2017

*  You may deal aggressively today due to the Sun-Mars combination, hence

*  work patiently.

* 9.15 to 1o.15 Nifty will maintain its overall strength.

*  1o.15 to 12.oo expect a mixed pattern, thus only do buying-selling.

*  12.oo to 14.oo Nifty shall go up.

* 14.oo to 15.3o Nifty may go down.


Stock Market Prediction 7th July 2017

* This is the 7th day of the 7th month. Hence, as per numerology, you may deal emotionally today.

* From opening till the next 3 hours, the market remain unstable. Thus, only do buying-selling.

* During the next 2 hours, Nifty will be strong.

* During the last hour, and last day of this week, Nifty may go down. Hence, avoid taking a risk.


Stock Market Prediction 6th July 2017

* Even today the Moon-Saturn and Sun-Mars will be together. Hence, you may face some issues regarding aggression and speed.

* The opening may be OK, and till 10:10 the overall strength will be maintained.

* From 1૦:1૦ to 12:1૦ Nifty may pass time, and remain slightly on the down or negative side. 2)

* Between 12:10 till the next 2 hours, buying in Nifty

Stock Market Prediction 5th July 2017

* The Chandra-Shani Vish Dosh is formed today, hence trading may be risky.

* Do delivery based intraday.

* Around 9:50 short sell, and around 11:00 exit on earning a profit, without waiting any longer.

* Around 12:00 buy Nifty, and around 14:00 take an exit.

* Around 14:10 short sell, and exit after few minutes


The views and pre