Stock Market Prediction 30th December 2015

* The planets do not indicate any major changes.

* 9.15-10.15: Due to the increase of buying of the 'A' group stocks, there will be a positive impact on Nifty.

* 10.15-10.35: Square off your position at the end of the day.

* 10.35-11.35: Nifty may remain down.

* 11.35-12.35: Nifty may remain positive.

* 12.35-Closing Bell: The ma

Stock Market Prediction 29th December 2015

* The Moon-Jupiter combination will give good results as per your Natal Chart.

* An Upward Trend during Opening and a Downward Trend in the Closing slot is foreseen.

* 9.50 onwards Nifty will slide down step by step and this may continue till 10.54.

* From 10.27 to 12.44, Nifty will witness a gradual rise.

* From 14.05, Nifty will go down slowly.

Stock Market Prediction 28th December 2015

* Moon will be in its own Sign Cancer today.

* Venus-Saturn will be in conjunction in the Sign of Scorpio.

* Ganesha is predicting on 24-12-2015 itself that between 9.15-10.32, Nifty will remain near to the surface level and mosty on the positive side.

* 10.32-12.12: Nifty will remain down.

* During 12.12-13.13, Nifty may witness an upward movement

Sensex at life time highest in March 2016 - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.comfourth week of December 2015 is represented by planet known as Ketu while year 2015 is represented by planet known as Saturn.

Our advance predictions for positive movement in crude oil predicated in previous article proved correct , Great bounce back in crude oil was seen in global commodity market  while recommended stocks Vedanta, C

Stock Market Prediction 24th December 2015

*  Mars will change Signs today, and form a combination with Venus.

*  Besides, the negative conjunction of Mars and Rahu has now ended.

*  Today, from 9.15 to 10.32, Nifty may remain around the surface, or may move from positive to surface level.

*  Between 10.32 to 12.11, Nifty may go down.

*  From 12.11 to 13.17, Nifty s

Stock Market Prediction 23th December 2015

* Today, the Moon will be in its Sign of Exaltation, which shall be favourable for you,depending on the planetary positions in your Personal Horoscope.

* Today, divide the time slot from 9.15 to 12.15 in two parts, and deal accordingly.Wherein, Nifty shall go up in the first part, and Nifty may go down in the second part.

* Between 12.15 to 13.10, Nifty may witness the

Stock Market Prediction 22nd December 2015

*  Ganesha observes that the Nifty trend may be very boring today.

*  Today, from 9.15 to 10.15, business at Nifty may take place within a small range. Hence, you should avoid large deals.

*  Between 10.15 to 10.40, the stock market may remain steady, i.e., Nifty may not witness any movement during this period.

*  From 10.40 to 12.00, Nift

Stock Market Prediction 21st December 2015

* The stock market will remain closed on 25-12-2015. Hence, there will be only 4 trading days during this week.

* Today, from 9.15 to 10.45, Nifty may be completely flat, i.e., Nifty may maintain the same surface level.

* Between 10.45 to 12.20, Nifty may witness a downward trend.

* From 12.20 to 13.30, there may be a technical bounce at Nifty.

* B

Stock Market Prediction 18th December 2015

*  You may get upset while trading at Nifty today, because the stock market trend may be unpredictable.

*  Friends, nothing special is foreseen at Nifty today. However, you may gamble at your own risk, during the 3 time slots, as mentioned below.

*  Today, at around 10.44, sell Nifty stocks, and at around 11.22, you may buy Nifty stocks.

Stock Market Prediction 17th December 2015

*  The Sun and Mercury will be in conjunction, today. Moreover, the Federal Reserve Bank may increase the interest rates by 0.25%. Hence, remain cautious while dealing in Bank stocks at Nifty.

*  Today, the opening as well as the closing trend at Nifty may be unpredictable. Thus, deal accordingly, without depending on anyone.

*  From Opening to 11.00, Nif

Stock Market Prediction 16th December 2015

*  Today, from 9.15 to 10.45, trading at Nifty may take place within a very small margin.

*  Between 10.45 to 11.38, Nifty may go down in 3 or 4 steps.

*  From 11.38 to 12.11, shall be a 'No Trading Zone'.

*  Buying in Nifty stocks is expected between 12.11 to 13.23.

*  From 13.23 to 14.56, settle all your deals, ad

Stock Market Prediction 15th December 2015

*  Today is a Zero Weightage Day. Hence, you should avoid all types of Intraday.

*  Ganesha cautions you one week in advance that there may be selling pressure at Nifty, during the last few minutes for the next 4 days.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and not that of the website or its management. investmentgu

Stock Market Prediction 14th December 2015

*  Today, the Moon is still at zero degrees. Hence, the Opening trend at Nifty may be confusing.

*  Besides, Ganesha had already predicted the Opening trend for 17th and 18th December 2015, a year ago, in our 2015-16 Stock Market Prediction Book.

*  Friends, tomorrow will be a zero weightage day. Hence, Ganesha says that the Nifty trend may be unpredictab

Time to invest in stock market - Astromoneyguru

 As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com11th day of Dec 2015 is represented by planet known as Moon and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Rahu and Mars are making conjunction in Virgo sign. While Saturn, Sun and Moon are together in water sign. As per Ajay market theory this combination may show volatile movement in Indian stock market.

Pharma, telecommun

Stock Market Prediction 11th December 2015

*  Ganesha foresees a very boring time at Nifty today.

*  Today is also Amavasya/No Moon Day, which may be unfavourable for the stock market, and also for traders/investors depending on the planetary positions of your personal horoscope.

*  You need to prepare a strategy, and also need tips and blessings of Lord Ganesha to continue trading in the stock ma

Stock Market Prediction 10th December 2015


* Today, the stock market may remain highly volatile due to the combination of the Sun, Saturn and Moon.

* Carefully read the predictions for March 2016, provided in our 2015-16 stock market prediction book.

*  Today, from starting to 10.54, the Nifty trend may change every 9 minutes. Hence, prepare yourself accordingly.

*  Between

Stock Market Prediction 9th December 2015

*  Ganesha has started preparations for the 2016-2017 Stock Market Predictions Book.

*  The future of stock market in 2016 shall decide its future for the next 5 years.

*  Especially read our stock market predictions for the period from 01-12-2015 to 17- 12-2015, and also focus on our monthly prediction.

*  Today, from starting to 10.00, N

Stock Market Prediction 8th December 2015

* Today, Moon will be in Swati Constellation, which is ruled by Rahu.

* It is very essential to do Intraday, short-term and delivery based deals, and accordingly prepare your strategy. Do not just gamble in the stock market.

* Today, from starting to 11.16 may be a boring period at Nifty.

* Between 11.16 to 13.05, Nifty may go down, step by step.


Stock Market Prediction 5th December 2015

* Today, Moon and Venus will be in combination in Libra Sign.

* Now onwards, you shall also receive an SMS message about our weekly stock market predictions.

* From Opening to 11.30, Nifty shall pass time on the Upper side of the surface.

* Between 11.30 to 13.00, Nifty may witness a downward trend.

* From 13.00 to 14.00, Nifty shall again move upw

Cairn India looks positive - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com4th day of Dec 2015 is represented by planet known as Rahu and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Rahu and Mars are making conjunction in Virgo sign. While Saturn, Sun and Mercury are together

As per Ajay market theory this combination may show volatile movement in Indian stock market.  Gap down opening is expected in

Stock Market Prediction 4th December 2015

* During 9.15 to 10.15, Nifty will be Up.

* From 10.15 to 11.15, Nifty will maintain same surface.

* Between 11.15 to 13.15, Nifty will be Down.

* From 13.15 to 14.15, Nifty will be Up.

* From 14.15 to 15.30, Nifty will be OK-OK, not much fluctuation foreseen.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the au

Stock Market Prediction 3rd December 2015

* The combination of Moon-JUpiter is a very positive one, while Mars-Rahu and Sun-Saturn are negative combinations, so Ganeshji foresees a mixed day.

* Because of Venus being Swagruhi (own sign), the Media sectors will be in Stock News.

* From opening till 11.30, Nifty will be positive.

* 11.30 to 12.00 will be No Trading Zone.

*  From 12.00 t

Stock Market Prediction 2th December 2015

* Ganeshji foresees a very boring day. Today, there are possibilities of even your personal tasks remaining pending.

* From opening till 12.00, Ganesha foresees a zig-zag pattern (like the graph of anelectric current).

* From 12.00 to 13.00, Nifty will be in a time-pass mode around a pyschological figure.

* Between 13.00 to 14.00, there will be some movement

Stock Market Prediction 1st December 2015

*  The 55-day trading slot from 01-12-2015 to 17-02-2016 will be the biggest slot of this year, so become serious from now. It is because, this is the zero weightage slot.

*  Today the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer.

*  It is a risky day today, so do not trust anyone and only proceed as per your delivery capacity.

*  It is a an ideal da

Crude oil may see further low in stock market - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.comFirst week of Dec 2015 to is very important for global capital and money market

Now as per Ajay market theory this week is represented by planet called Mars and year 2015 is represented by planet known as Saturn.
 As per financial astrology this week Saturn, Sun and mercury are under close conjunctions while Marsand Rahu under