Stock Market Prediction 26th April 2016

* The Opening shall be slightly positive today.

* From 9.30 to 11.40, Nifty may witness solid movement on both the sides. Hence, change your position accordingly.

* Between 11.40 to 15.00, the global markets shall positively influence Nifty.

* Profit booking is foreseen at Nifty, during the last 30 minutes of the trading day.


Stock Market Prediction 25th April 2016

* The market shall remain highly volatile today, due to the conjunction of the Moon, Mars and Saturn.

* From Opening to 12.00, the Nifty trend may not follow a certain pattern. Hence, do jobbing to earn a good profit.

* Between 12.00 till the closing bell, you may buy and sell on the Up side, overall during this period.


The views and predict

Stock Market Prediction 22nd April 2016

* Nothing special is foreseen today by Ganesha.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.45, the Nifty trend may be confusing. Hence, do Intraday with a tight stop-loss. (0.03)

* Between 12.00 to 13.30, Nifty shall go up slightly, step by step. (0.04)

* From 13.30 to 15.00, the Nifty trend shall resemble a V-shaped graph. Hence, you should decide accordingly. (0.07)

Stock Market Prediction 21st April 2016

* Today is a Zero Weightage Day. You are aware about its history, and you can also
read about the same in our book.

* Friends, you are advised to trade carefully, today.

* Today, you should do any type of Intraday, says Ganesha.

* From 9.15 to 10.15, Nifty may remain soft. (-0.04)

* An astrological bounce

Stock Market Prediction 20th April 2016

* Friends, tomorrow will be a Zero Weightage Day. Hence, remain extra cautious today, tomorrow, and also on the day after tomorrow.

* Avoid dealing for some time in the Aviation, Education, Mines and Petroleum products sectors. Ganesha will inform you when to deal in these sectors in the future.

* Today, from Opening to 12.10, solid movement on both the sides is expecte

Stock Market Prediction 18th April 2016

* The stock market will be closed tomorrow. Hence, don't worry and just relax when you go home today.

* Ganesha foresees a dull period from Opening to 12.20 today, as Nifty may not remain steady, this time around. (-0.01)

* Between 12.20 to 13.40, Nifty shall go up. (0.05)

* From 13.40 to 14.15, there may be a correction at Nifty. (-0.08)

* Bet

Stock Market Prediction 13th April 2016

* Today, you shall experience a Twenty-20 Cricket Match atmosphere at Nifty.

* The Moon will be in Rahu's Constellation today. Hence, Ganesha foresees highest volatility at Nifty today.

* You may do delivery based Intraday. But, if you do not have the capacity, trade after preparing yourself mentally to incur a loss.

* Short sell Nifty at around the Openi

Stock Market Prediction 12th April 2016

* Today, trading shall start above the surface level.

* Do Intraday, and book your profit or loss, today itself. And, decide about your next move, tomorrow.

* Today, from 9.40 to 12.40, the Nifty trend may be unclear. Hence, do jobbing, this time around.

* Between 12.40 to 14.00, Nifty shall go up, step by step.

* From 14.00 to 15.30 may be a High

Stock Market Prediction 11th April 2016

* There are many holidays during this week. Hence, avoid taking a long position, and just trade for 2 or 3 days, as the public will be in a holiday mood!

* Today, the Opening shall be positive, but temporary.

* From 9.30 to 11.30, Nifty may remain on the down side.

* Between 11.00 to 11.30, expect a positive bounce at Nifty. However, this may occur for a very

Stock Market Prediction 8th April 2016

* The Moon-Mercury combination shall increase volatility in Bank Nifty today.

* There will be many holidays in the forthcoming 2 weeks. Hence, avoid taking a long position, and just enjoy the holidays!

* The Nifty trend may be unclear today, says Ganesha.

* Trade, only if you have the capacity to take delivery today.

* Today, at around 9.30 sell Ni

Stock Market Prediction 7th April 2016

* Today is Amavasya – No/New Moon Day. Hence, the Moon's influence on Nifty will be relatively less.

* Ganesha is predicting one week in advance that today, the period from Opening to 9.45 shall be positive.

* However, the period between 9.45 to 11.00, may be totally unreliable.

* From 11.00 to 13.00, the Nifty trend may be confusing. Subsequently,

Stock Market Prediction 6th April 2016

* The Moon, Venus and Sun will be in conjunction today.

* Today, from Starting to 11.11, you shall be able to do Intraday at Nifty, on both the sides.

*  Between 11.11 to 12.12, Nifty shall go Up.

* The period from 12.12 to 15.30, shall be a Zero Weightage time slot. Hence, you may have no alternative, but to trade with a margin of just 1 Rupee.

Stock Market Prediction 5th April 2016

* The Moon-Ketu combination may cause a lot of confusion while trading in the stock market today.

* Remain extra cautious while dealing in Bank Nifty today.

* Today, avoid trading from the Opening time till the next 15 minutes.

* Between 9.30 to 10.00, Nifty is likely to move upwards. However, this small time slot may be risky.

* From 10.00 to 11.2

Stock Market Prediction 4th April 2016

* The stock market will be closed on 14th, 15th and 19th April 2016. Hence, take your position accordingly.

* The 2016-17 Stock Market Predictions Book has been launched. Please order your copy NOW!

* Today, from Opening to 13.13, Nifty shall remain within a particular range. Thus, you may do jobbing, this time around.

* Between 13.13 to 14.40, Nifty shall ex

Stock Market Prediction 1st April 2016

• You can order this prediction in PDF file format, one week in advance.

• You will thus, receive in advance, our weekly predictions from Monday to Friday, all together.

• Today, both the Opening and Closing, may be soft, or on the down side.

• The period between 9.15 to 11.15, may be boring, unreliable and unpredictable, observes Ganesha.

Stock Market Prediction 31st March 2016

• From 26-03-2016, Lord Saturn has started moving in Retrograde mode, which may also slow down your movement, depending on the planetary placement in your Personal Horoscope.

• Your profit margin may decrease today, as the Moon will be transiting in Ketu's Constellation.

• Today, from starting to 13.40, Nifty may pass time around a psychological figur

Stock Market Prediction 30th March 2016

• According to Numerology, number 3 and 6 shall dominate the stock market today.

• The market movement may be very slow and boring, as Saturn and Moon are in conjunction today.

• Ganesha advises you to do delivery based trading today.

• Today, sell Nifty at around 10.10, and take an exit at around 11.50.

• Buy Nifty at arou

Stock Market Prediction 29th March 2016

• Today looks set to be favourable for Intraday and Daily Traders, foresees Ganesha.

• The Moon-Mars-Saturn combination shall enable you to trade quickly today.

• Today, from 9.15 to 9.45, avoid trading at Nifty.

• Nifty is expected to bounce, between 9.45 to 10.25.

• From 10.25 to 13.45, you may deal in Nifty with a margin

Stock Market Prediction 28th March 2016

• Both Ketu and Venus are in degreecal conjunction today. Hence, you are advised to avoid dealing in scrips related to Media and Luxurious Vehicles.

• Today, from Opening to 12.00, you may only buy and sell stocks, and avoid taking a long position.

• Between 12.00 to 12.30, Nifty is likely to move upwards, during this very short duration of just 30 minute

Stock Market Prediction 23rd March 2016

*  Today is the last trading day of this week. Hence, you may just take delivery, and avoid taking any other position.

*  From 9.15 to 12.15, Nifty may remain around a psychological figure.

* Between 12.15 to 13.00, Nifty shall move upwards, but for a short duration.

* From 13.00 to 14.00, Nifty may go down.

* Between 14.00 and 15.30, buy

Stock Market Prediction 22nd March 2016

* Three planets - Moon, Jupiter and Rahu will be in conjunction today.

* Avoid trading today from 9.15 to 10.15, as the Nifty trend might be boring, and you may not make a profit, this time around.

* The period between 10.15 to 11.00 might be risky, as a bounce may occur, but for a very short duration.

* Nothing special is foreseen by Ganesha from 11.00 to 14

Stock Market Prediction 21st March 2016

* The stock market will remain closed on 24-03-2016 and 25-03-2016, on account of Holi (2nd day/Dhuleti) and Good Friday, respectively.

* There are only 3 trading days, and thereafter the market will remain closed for 4 days consecutively, during this week. Hence, avoid taking a long position.

* We hope you must have read about Big Buying, mentioned along with Just Like

Stock Market Prediction 18th March 2016

* Tomorrow is Saturday, and Ekadashi - the 11th lunar day. Hence, worshipping Lord Saturn shall help you to move swiftly in life.

* We need to observe the effects of the new stimulus package declared by the European Central Bank (ECB).

* Today, from 9.15 to 10.40, Nifty may remain below the surface level.

* Between 10.40 and 12.40, Nifty may form a mixed patt

Stock Market Prediction 17th March 2016

* You should still trade cautiously, as the GST Bill, and the stimulus package by ECB, have been declared in the budget session.

* Do Intraday, only if you have the capacity to take delivery, else just avoid trading and relax today.

* Buy Nifty at around 9.36, and take an exit at around 11.00.

* Sell Nifty at around 13.00, and immediately exit on making a pro

Stock Market Prediction 16th March 2016

* From 16-03-2016 to 21-03-2016, avoid trading till the first 20 minutes from the Opening time.

* Between 9.35 and 12.45, you must only trade with a margin of just 1 or 2 Rupees.

* From 12.45 to 13.30, Nifty shall go up.

* Between 13.30 and 14.30, Nifty may go down.

* From 14.3o to 15.30, Nifty shall again move upwards.