08-12-2023 05:58 PM | Source: Geojit Financial Services
Sensex`s 1000 points Milestones By Siram BKR, Geojit Financial Services

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A Glance on the Journey and few insights:

Sensex Price Index pierced through the barriers and crossed the 69000 points milestone for the first time on 5-Dec-23, with strong FPI flows into Indian Equities that emanated from lowering of US bond yields and ruling central government party’s positive show in key state elections and improving economic macros.

Post crossing 67000 points in Jul '23, it took nearly 93 sessions or 4.6 months for Sensex to cross the 68000 points mark and the next 1000 point milestone came its way in a day.
The latest 5000-point milestone from 64k took place in 107 sessions or 5.3 months.

The latest 10000-point milestone from 59k took place in 550 sessions or 27 months.


It took 31.3 years for the Index to climb the 30,000 points milestone, in Apr '17. The next 30000 points get added over the next 4.4 years (a rise of 100%).


Sensex Total Returns Index, that includes Dividends as well, crossed 100000 points for the first time on 14th July 2023, to close at 100700 points.


Sensex Total Return Index, stands at 1.53 times the price index, which was 1.06 times in 1999 and 1.41 times when Sensex crossed 30000.


BSE’s Total Market Capitalization stood at 343.5 lakh crs, a new high, aided by more new issues and listings coming to the public.


BSE’s Total Market Capitalization crossed the prominent 300 Trillion mark by day end closing levels, and reached Rs.301.70 Lakh Crs on 6-Jul-23.




Sensex Average EPS computed by the trailing 12M PE as of Nov’23, stood at around Rs.2831, a 7.2% growth YoY, 16.7% CAGR over 2 yrs, a 100% jump in 3 yrs, or 26.1% CAGR, with base year being Nov’20, when the world was just recovering from the China originated Covid-19 pandemic. EPS is estimated to be up 13.1% CAGR in 5 years and 9.2% CAGR in 10 yrs.


India was generally looked upon as a Bright spot (refer IMF reports and coverages) among the major world economies bringing record foreign flows to equities, that helped markets scale higher.


Sensex CAGR as measured by Price Return Index for the past 20 years stood at 13.9% & by Total Return Index it was 15.5%, as of 5-Dec-23.


Going forward, Markets will closely track the valuations and earnings growth of Indian corporates for FY24.


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