08-12-2023 06:44 PM | Source: PR Agency
Optimizing Investment Strategies Amid Record Highs in Equity Markets By Mr.Deepak Gagrani, Madhuban Finvest

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Below Quick view on Record high Equity market By Mr.Deepak Gagrani,Founder - Madhuban Finvest

Optimizing  Investment  Strategies Amid Record Highs in Equity  Markets

Amidst a remarkable short-term rally across various asset classes, including equities and precious metals, it's crucial for us as investors to prioritize managing our emotional quotient (EQ) over fixating on intelligence quotient (IQ). We've been fielding numerous inquiries reflecting mixed emotions—optimism, enthusiasm, and some concern.

Here's our current approach to investments, with some key points to be considered by investors:

1.       Short-Term rally, Long Term Consolidation:

Positive sentiments from global and local state election results, coupled with a steady liquidity flow and the absence of adverse news, have led to a spectacular rally in Indian equities over the past 3-4 weeks. Despite this surge, it's essential to note that the point-to-point 2-year Nifty returns until Oct 2023 are less than 5% per annum.


2.       Broader Markets Take the Lead:

Broader markets have outperformed frontline stocks, with several large-cap stocks still below their all-time highs. We anticipate an overall rotation, with large caps likely to outperform in the coming period and will consider any further aggressive moves in midcap/smallcap segments as an opportunity to secure profits.


3.       History Repeats:

The current scenario mirrors that of October 2021. We will refrain from any fresh lumpsum equity investments and would exercise caution against overly positive narratives surrounding the stock markets. While we hold a bullish outlook for the Indian economy and markets over the next 3-5 years, we approach the short run with caution. Any fresh money to be deployed should be staggered across different periods.


4.       Equity Exposure Requires Strategic Review: 

Further, it's essential to recognize that the recent market rally, characterized by its rapid pace, shouldn't automatically prompt a reduction in overall equity exposure. While strategic rebalancing towards areas with more favorable risk-reward profiles is prudent, trimming overall existing exposure to equities should be a deliberate decision tied to an investor's proximity to achieving their financial objectives and a desire to mitigate short-term volatility.


5.        Precious Metals as a Hedge:

Diversifying our investment strategy, we've observed a notable upward movement in precious metals, particularly gold and silver, following a prolonged consolidation period.  Recognizing the current climate of global uncertainty, we maintain our stance as buyers during any market dips, viewing precious metals as a reliable hedge against potential uncertainties on the global stage


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