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EKO STAY Unveils Spectacular Growth Trajectory and Visionary Plans to Redefine Hospitality Landscape
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Embark on an exhilarating journey with EKO STAY, the pulsating powerhouse reshaping the hospitality sector. Bursting with excitement, we unveil our extraordinary growth narrative and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the vacation rental, a.k.a. alternative accommodation industry. Since its inception in 2018, EKO STAY has soared to unparalleled heights under the visionary stewardship of the co-founders: Husain Khatumdi, Varun Arora, Sohail Mirchandani, and Zishan Khan, each a maestro orchestrating our symphony of success. This year, EKO STAY proudly celebrates six years of redefining the homestay experience, marking a milestone in our journey of continuous innovation and excellence.

Husain Khatumdi, the luminary Managing Director & Co-Founder, asserts, "At EKO STAY, we transcend mere property management; we are artisans of unforgettable experiences. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and devotion to guest satisfaction propels us ever upwards."

Echoing this sentiment, Varun Arora, the dynamic Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, declares, "Our growth is a testament to our team's indomitable spirit and our unwavering resolve to push boundaries. We continually explore new frontiers, harnessing technology to elevate the guest experience."

Sohail Mirchandani, the mastermind Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, underscores, "Excellence is our lodestar at EKO STAY. From seamless backend operations to transcendent guest interactions, we meticulously craft quality and consistency, ensuring unparalleled service."

Zishan Khan, the visionary Chief Acquisition Officer & Co-Founder, adds, "Our growth trajectory is propelled by strategic acquisitions and transformative partnerships. We incessantly broaden our property portfolio, offering guests a kaleidoscope of options."

EKO STAY's Growth Timeline:

EKO STAY began its journey humbly in 2018 in Lonavala, where the co-founders personally managed every aspect from sales to operations. This foundational period marked the inception of our commitment to excellence and personalized hospitality. By 2019, buoyed by early successes, EKO STAY expanded its footprint to include picturesque destinations such as Panchgani, Alibaug, and Goa, operating from a modest 125 sqft office with two freelance employees. The team laid the groundwork for future growth amidst burgeoning traveler interest in unique homestay experiences.

The global pandemic in 2020 presented unprecedented challenges, yet EKO STAY adapted swiftly. Despite initial setbacks, domestic tourism rebounded post-lockdown, propelling expansions into Igatpuri, Khopoli, Karjat, Ooty, and Mumbai. The company moved into a larger 600 sq ft office, expanded its team to 50 members, and introduced membership options, including the prestigious EkoGold category.

In 2021, EKO STAY's growth trajectory accelerated with entries into Himachal, Uttarakhand, and other northern regions of India. Recognized as the "Most Premium Staycation Gateway by Mid Day," the company relocated to a spacious 1100 sqft office, doubled its inventory, and launched the exclusive EkoLuxe category. These milestones solidified our reputation as a leader in personalized hospitality.

Entering a new phase of expansion in 2022, EKO STAY expanded its office space to over 2000 sq ft, strengthened its team to over 200 employees, and ventured into the food and beverage sector. Initiatives included major home transformations and renovations, reflecting our commitment to enhancing guest experiences beyond traditional accommodation.

Today, in 2023, EKO STAY proudly operates in over 15 cities across India, offering a portfolio of 150+ meticulously curated villas with new additions monthly. Celebrating six years of transformative work in the hospitality sector, our team now exceeds 300 dedicated professionals, poised to redefine standards in the homestay industry. As we continue to expand rapidly, the company plans to boast 250 villas across 20+ cities under its umbrella in the next 3 years.

"We stand on the precipice of greatness," exclaims Husain Khatumdi. "Our journey has just begun. Our vision is to be the quintessential choice for discerning travelers craving bespoke homestay encounters."

EKO STAY ascends to acquire primarily villas with more rooms, ideally in the range of 6-12 BHK, catering to the growing appetite for such homestays among avid travelers. The company primarily operates on two models: fixed long-term rental or revenue sharing, with over 80% of the portfolio currently consisting of fixed rental properties.

EKO STAY has also ventured into the F&B business, offering delectable meals ranging from authentic local cuisine to Indian and Chinese gastronomy. With 64% of travelers preferring to book food packages along with homestay bookings, EKO STAY is poised to meet this dynamic demand seamlessly.


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