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USDINR trading range for the day is 82.84-83.2.

Rupee rose as the greenback eased from recent peaks amid some rebound in global risk appetite.

India says inflation pressures warrant government, central bank vigilance

India's central bank ensured the rupee did not depreciate significantly despite immense dollar-buying pressure from oil companies

SELL USDINR AUG @ 83.15 SL 83.28 TGT 82.98-82.86.




EURINR trading range for the day is 90.06-90.98.

Euro falls as investors weigh higher rates against German data weakness.

German producer prices fell more than expected in July, with the decline due primarily to lower energy prices.

Eurozone current account surplus nears 2-year high

SELL EURINR AUG @ 90.5 SL 90.7 TGT 90.26-90.08




GBPINR trading range for the day is 105.63-106.43.

GBP remained in range amid and concerns of financial instability in China.

Britain recorded a budget deficit of 4.3 billion pounds ($5.49 billion) in July

Official data showed British sales volumes last month were 1.2% lower than in June

SELL GBPINR AUG @ 106.2 SL 106.5 TGT 105.88-105.65.




JPYINR trading range for the day is 56.76-57.26.

JPY remained in range after Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda met with the prime minister

Recent data showed Japan's core inflation rate slowed to 3.1% in July from 3.3% in June

BOJ unexpectedly adjusted its yield curve control policy, effectively allowing 10-year JGB yields to rise above the 0.5% upper limit.

BUY JPYINR AUG @ 56.9 SL 56.7 TGT 57.12-57.25.


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