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Quote on upcoming Digital India Bill 2023 by Mr Prashant Pitti, PHDCCI
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Below the quote on the upcoming Digital India Bill 2023 by Mr Prashant Pitti, Chair, Startup Committee, PHDCCI 

"The Indian economy is rapidly transitioning from a knowledge-based economy to a digital-economy, wherein most economic activities are digitally-driven. Thus, it is of utmost significance that the provisions of the Digital India Bill ensure accountability, effective governance and compliance in the digital domain. Such measures would provide much-needed impetus to online businesses, which would act as ‘growth drivers’ and ensure the accomplishment $1 trillion digital economy by 2025-26" said Mr Prashant Pitti, Chair, Startup Committee, PHDCCI

The Bill must ensure the safety of the interests of small businesses and MSMEs which are willing to start their business ventures on online platforms, as there is immense scope for the contribution of this sector in the growth-trajectory of the Indian Economy. It should provide for appropriate provisions which can check the misuse of personal data of consumers for promotion of commercial interests of large companies. It should entail flexible provisions to comply with the changing dynamics of frontier technologies at global level, international laws and new emerging trends in the market.

The Bill must check the monopoly of the few dominant players which succeed in securing large market share for their respective businesses. This would ensure a level playing field for new market entrants, promote competition and fair trade practices. Further, the Bill should ensure fair market access to other competing apps in order to promote healthy competition in the financial sector of the economy. The ethical use of AI to promote the constitutional rights of citizens and the safety of women and children should be accorded priority in this bill.  


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