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Latest FinTech offerings by Angel One for a seamless trading experience

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Fintech, which serves as a portmanteau for the terms “finance” and “technology,” has seen a boom over the past decade. Companies that employ technology in order to automate or enhance their financial services and operations are said to make use of fintech services.

Providing its clients with a host of financial service offerings, Angel One is one of the key player in the world of fintech. This is evident from the fact that it has been successfully helping its clientele navigate the Indian stock market for over 2 decades. More importantly, it has been imparting financial literacy at each step of the way. It has made its educational material available on applications and the internet in regional languages as well. This material caters to investors and traders who have varying levels of proficiency with the markets.

What makes this fintech offering truly stand out is that it makes your trading experience seamless and convenient. and gives you the benefit of  robust and secure services on its platform. A seamless digital platform, users can rest easy knowing that the company behind the application has faithfully served clients for the past 25 years.

When speaking of fintech applications, however, it is impossible not to mention Angel One’s Smart Store and SmartAPI.


Smart Store

Angel One’s Smart Store showcases the company’s fintech offerings with a great flair all while allowing for a great user experience. Users that make use of this platform stand to charge their trades with the aid of enhanced fintech technologies. In the process, they can also learn how to successfully utilize algorithmic trading with webinars on offer that explain the same. All of this is possible under one platform alone.



The world of trading has rapidly evolved to keep up with technological advancements. Rule based trading happens to be one of the key products of this space. With it, it is possible for machines as opposed to humans to carry out trades. It operates each of these trades keeping in mind the instructions the user outlines. What makes it truly beneficial is the fact that it is capable of accruing profits with speed and frequency that human traders can only wish to achieve in their wildest dreams.

Angel One has made Rule based trading a possibility for Indian traders via their SmartAPI platform. With it, users can create an API for themselves with any one of the languages they are fluent in. These languages include R, Go, NodeJs, Python and Java. Traders can take advantage of the trading algorithm offerings while start-ups responsible for creating solutions for stock trading can also stand to benefit. Websites and platforms that cater to investors and traders alike may also take advantage of the SmartAPI platform.

To learn more about each of the fintech offerings by Angel One, consider visiting their website by clicking here which adequately showcases each of the company’s diverse offerings. Serving as a one-stop solution for all financial needs and services, Angel One is equipped to deal with the broad range of requirements the modern Indian consumer might have while exploring financial markets.


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