Published on 15/06/2020 8:42:52 AM | Source: IANS

Quarantine waived for industrial workers, others in Himachal

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 To boost the economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the Himachal Pradesh government on Sunday exempted several categories from the purview of mandatory home quarantine amid interstate movement.

Under the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for interstate movement of industrial workers, industrialists, factory owners, traders, raw material suppliers, service providers and inspecting authorities, they will be exempted from home quarantine, a government statement said.

As per the notification, the people visiting the state for bonafide purpose of trade, business, job, project, service and commission agents with supporting documents and e-pass and not coming from high COVID-19 case load cities and containment zones will also be exempted from the purview of quarantine.

The management, in charge or head of any NGO or any charitable organisation, which has branches in the state and travels to the state in connection with its affairs or for an official meeting, for a short duration not exceeding 48 hours and don't mix with the general masses, follows all social distancing and COVID-19 prevention protocols shall be exempt from quarantine.

However, the use of the Aarogya Setu app will be mandatory in all cases.

All visitors coming from high Covid-19 infected cities will be institutionally quarantined.

Only for exceptional and compelling reasons such as cases of human distress, pregnancy, death in family, serious illness, persons above 65 years of age with co-morbidities and parent(s) accompanied by children below 10 years may be permitted to be home quarantined, instead of institutional quarantine, for 14 days, subject to satisfaction of the District Magistrate.

The migrant labourers coming to the state can be sent directly to the worksite of the orchardist, agriculturist, contractor and project proponents.

The labour can start working at these sites immediately subject to observing all due precautions, including social distancing, isolation and the constant monitoring for symptoms, as is being done for the quarantined people.