Published on 19/04/2021 4:00:56 PM | Source: IANS

Accura Scan plans to raise funds in 2021 for technology development

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Accura Scan, a business-to-business (B2B) solution provider plans to raise funds in 2021 with the increasing demand for developing more sophisticated and added features in the technology.

Yasin Patel, Founder of Accura Scan said: "We are planning to raise funds this year with its increasing exigency for developing more sophisticated and added hallmarks in the technology."

Noting that Accura Scan is bootstrapped, he said that the company is now looking for investors for the constantly growing demand.

Accura Scan serves the banking and finance sector, hospitality, travel, airlines, telecom, immigration among other sectors to mitigate online fraud and help them onboard customers remotely and in real time.

Patel noted that amidst the pandemic sectors like banks, financial institutions, immigration, chose to initiate Know Your Customer (KYC) proceedings distantly and digitally to ensure smooth operations owing to situational constraints.

While the pandemic had a devastating effect on many levels, it improved the demand for intelligent technologies like Accura Scan, he said.

"The Accura Scan technology has assisted a good deal where banks needed their customers to use their solution online and even onboard new customer base without visiting a bank branch. Accura Scan KYC Onboarding Solution technology helped Banks take customers Onboard and authenticate in real time, remotely. So, yes the product acceptance definitely surged during pandemic."

Accura Scan provides services like document verification, identity verification, KYC onboarding solution, among others.

"We are persistent on the growth of our product offerings since the beginning. So we are streaming in ID Forgery, Video KYC and Certified User Verification in the fresh batch of services in year 2021," said Patel.