Published on 30/09/2022 1:54:02 PM | Source: PR Agency

Quote on Monetary Policy by Nilesh Shah, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management

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Below is quote on Monetary Policy by Nilesh Shah, Group President & MD,  Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company

The RBI gave a “Mai Hoon Na” policy doing a fine tight rope walking between Inflation, Growth and Stability. The RBI is batting on a difficult pitch against a hostile bowling. Rapidly deteriorating global situation, drawdown of systematic liquidity and FX reserves, inflationary pressure and Growth concern are testing the RBI. The RBI has so far batted with few misses. Most important thing is that they haven’t lost the wicket and kept score board moving. The RBI has been proactive and data driven to deal with rapidly evolving situation. They have assured the market that they are in safe hands in the global storm.


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