Published on 18/08/2022 5:24:31 PM | Source: PR Agency

Omni Science Capital launches the Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal

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Mumbai: On the occasion of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav of Bharat, OmniScience Capital, a Global Investment Management firm driven by its proprietary Scientific Investing philosophy, has launched a new investment strategy - the Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal, a portfolio of key growth vectors which are being promoted and initiated in the Union Budget to grow over the next 25 years. The Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal portfolio, currently, provides exposure to six growth vectors, such as Financing of Investments, AtmaNirbharDefence, GatiShakti, Clean Technology, Inclusive Development, and Productivity Enhancement. AtmaNirbharDefence and Clean Technology are part of the budget as well under the four main heads.


Dr Vikas Gupta, CEO and Chief Investment Strategist, OmniScience Capital says “Our calculations suggest that Bharat@100, in 2047, could be a $32 trillion economy. In a more optimistic scenario, it could even be a $51 trillion economy and in a conservative scenario it could be a $25 trillion economy. Hence, the Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal investment portfolio in the best case scenario can prove to be a great wealth multiplier in this long run where India aims becoming a fully developed nation”


The Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal portfolio remains consistent with our Scientific Investing Framework. The difference from other strategies, is that in the other strategies the growth vectors are identified based on a bottom-up analysis of the high growth, but below-the-radar companies where the management has an articulated strategy for capitalizing on the growth vectors are missed out on. In the Omni Bharat Amrit Kaal portfolio, the growth vectors have been articulated by the Government of India with a huge commitment to these growth vectors for the next 25 years. Thus, the investment risk from the growth vectors not continuing is low.


The financial ratios, too, show that this portfolio is composed of high-quality companies with strong balance sheets, persistent competitive advantages and are available at a significant discount to their intrinsic values. Of course, some of the growth vectors will be accelerated over the next 3-10 years while others will grow steadily over the next 25 years. PM GatiShakti and Financing of Investments are likely to be the accelerated growth vectors and Inclusive Development and Productivity Enhancement are likely to last for a substantial portion of the next 25 years.


The Amrit Kaal Budget 2022 provides for infrastructure development through PM GatiShakti, increasing buying power of the citizens and creating a developmental ecosystem for rural and bottom of the pyramid Bharatiyas in a broad-based manner through Inclusive DevelopmentProductivity Enhancement through a digital ecosystem, enhanced infrastructure and reforms, and capital availability through Financing of Investments. When all these four engines are firing in a synchronized manner the country is likely to accelerate into the group of Developed Countries during the Amrit Kaal of next 25 years” Mr Gupta added


For reference, the US today is a $25 trillion economy and China is a $17 trillion economy. The per capita income of Bharat@100 would be around $20,000 in the base case, $32,000 in the optimistic case and $16,000 in the conservative case. For reference, Greece, Hungary, and Poland have a per capita of around $20,000 today. Spain, Taiwan, and South Korea have a per capita of around $30,000-$36,000, and China has a per capita of $12,000 and Chile $16,000.