Published on 25/09/2020 5:47:41 PM | Source: Geojit Financial Services Ltd

Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium Commodity Report of 25 September 2020 By Geojit Financial

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Technical Commentary

Slippage below 49250 could squeeze down prices lower to 48900-48800 region firstly or even lower. Failed to challenged below 49250 could draw fresh buying for today’s session



Technical Commentary

As long as prices hold the hindrance of 60400 could push price lower to 57200 then to 56200 region. But stalwart trades above 60400 could invite fresh recovery move for today’s session.


Crude Oil

Technical Commentary

Rise above the hindrance of 3020 could bid fresh buying for today’s session. If not could anticipate a corrective move towards the downside objective of 2925 then to 2880.


Natural Gas

Technical Commentary

Determined trades above the upside hindrance of 169 could lift prices higher to 171.90 followed by 176.70. Failed attempt to mark trades above 169 may grab prices lower to 157 then to 154 region.



Technical Commentary

Current feebleness of prices may extend lower in the coming session towards the downside objective 512 followed by 508.80 region. On the other hand decisive trades above the Bollinger middle band level of 521 could push prices higher.



Technical Commentary

Consecutive days of weakness may persist towards the downside objective of 1052 initially followed by 1040. In this bearish sentiments, rise above 1072 could lift prices higher.



Technical Commentary

Intraday prices recovery may withstand only by tangible trades above 190.50 region. Else hold the same for a corrective move towards the EMA level of 187.60 or even lower to 186.30.



Technical Commentary

Present selling sentiments may persist only below the immediate hindrance of 144.70 region and such effective trades may push prices lower to 143.90 followed by 143. Failed to mark trades below 144.70 may cajole fresh buying for today’s session



Technical Commentary

If the region of 142 remain untouched could expect a rebound towards the upside objective of 143.80 then to SMA level of 144.70 region. However, dip below 142 may squeeze down prices lower.


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