Published on 26/11/2022 5:49:47 PM | Source: IANS

I don't believe in any kind of trends in general: Ananya Panday

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KFC India and Nestle have partnered to create the KFC Popcorn Bowl, made with Maggi. To make the one, the only, the crunchiest and slurpiest combination of KFC's trademark Chicken Popcorn and Maggi noodles in one ideal bowl, the two renowned companies have teamed together! This limited-edition bowl of happiness combines hot, steaming, delectably masala-flavoured, and unbelievably slurpable Maggi noodles with flavourful Chicken Popcorn, which is tender on the inside but unbelievably crispy on the outside.

Talking about this iconic partnership, Moksh Chopra, GM, KFC India said, "Both Maggi and KFC are iconic brands that consumers love and truly enjoy. The coming together of this epic collab was therefore very much on the cards, and perhaps something that our fans always hoped for. And what a delicious recipe this partnership has resulted in! We are thrilled to offer KFC & Maggi fans the limited-edition KFC Popcorn Bowl Made with Maggi; that is sure to offer a finger lickin' good time, with a slurpy twist!"

Ananya Panday who headlines the campaign speaks to IANSlife about her food preferences.

Read Excerpts:

What do you include in your diet?

Ananya: In my diet, I try to include everything in moderation because I think it's important to not deprive your body of anything. I eat whatever I crave but I definitely stay away from overeating and strive to eat in moderation.

Are you interested in any food trends lately or do you prefer steering clear of them?

Ananya: I don't believe in any kind of trends in general. Be it food, clothes, make-up, or anything; I just love to eat what I like. But currently I think Butter boards is a trend that I am not fully on board with. For a trend that works, I think bringing two iconic brands or flavours together is quite interesting. I was so excited to see Maggi & KFC coming together with the KFC Popcorn Bowl Made with Maggi. It just gives consumers the best of both worlds. So yes, I hope to see more of interesting pairing & fusion trends.

Do you consider yourself to be a food snob? What dishes are your favourite?

Ananya: Not at all, I am not a food snob. I actually love ordering food for others. I feel this sense of joy when I make others try some food that I am currently salivating over. I am just food obsessed that way. When I am eating my meal, I am already thinking about my next meal.

My favourites would be sushi, butter chicken and KFC's chicken popcorn.

What's your favourite binge?

Ananya: While I have a lot of favourites, Sushi has been the latest binge for me.

Your favourite version of Maggi is with?

Ananya: Well, I used to eat Maggi with Ketchup but now it's going to be with KFC's Chicken Popcorn.