Published on 16/01/2021 11:56:40 AM | Source: IANS

Sidharrth Sipani: I want to bring more discipline to my work

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Actor Sidharrth Sipani, who is known for his role in the show Zindagi Ki Mehek  says he wants to bring more discipline to his work. Sidharrth is currently working on a short film for the web titled Fariha, co-starring Subuhii Joshii.

"I am currently working on a project which has been on my wish list for a while now," Sidharrth tells IANS, about working in Fariha, adding: "I want to focus on moving forward and grabbing all the opportunities. I want to bring more discipline to my work. It is said that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

"If you are disciplined with your work, everything eventually falls in place and you are happier. You need to follow your passion and do whatever makes you happy. Everything gets easier with time. There are days when your body gives up, you have sleepless nights but you need to keep going on. Don't ever retreat or be give up -- that is the only way to manage everything at one go," is his message for fans.

The entertainment industry is going through a revolutionary phase with the onset of OTT platforms and even internet with YouTube channels. Sidharrth says that the audience will benefit the most from this.

"The OTT platform is massive. The digitalisation of the industry has changed the way people watch analogue films. Today, the convergence of digital media is making the process of entertainment distribution much easier. Audiences are getting all kinds of genres. It's been fun staying home these days," he says.