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Triumph Tiger 900: Your Questions Answered

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Fire away! We answer your queries about Triumph’s new generation Tiger 900.

Will shorter riders feel comfortable?

All Tigers come with seats that offer 20mm height adjustment as standard. The GT’s 810 - 830mm seat height will be accessible for shorter riders. At 5’6” i could easily get both feet on the ground easily. More importantly the sense of lightness because of the reengineered chassis makes it feel a lot easier to manage. This was very apparent as I rode the Rally Pro that has a considerably higher 850-870mm seat height range.

Worthy upgrade for existing Tiger owners?

The Tiger 900 is a comprehensive update and feels better on just about every count. However, if your use is limited to tarmac or shorter journeys you could easily stick with the Tiger 800. But if you do tour a lot and bad roads are the norm for you, the new gen Tiger is definitely worth considering. And if you are serious about adventure and spend more time on the brown stuff, then it’s an absolute no-brainer: Go for the Tiger 900.

Does the mode reset when you switch off the ignition?

The modes will be reset ONLY IF you are in a mode where traction control or ABS is disengaged. For instance Rider customisable or Off-Road Pro AND you switch the engine off from the ignition. If you use the engine kill switch, the selected mode stays engaged. So, if you are in Sport or Rain mode the motorcycle will stay in that mode even when you switch it off from the ignition. Keeping the safety aspect in mind Off-road and Off-road Pro modes can only be selected when at a standstill.

Better Range?

Considering that the Tiger has more displacement and performance on offer it is admirable that the 19.8kpl claimed fuel efficiency is similar to the Tiger 800. However, with the added grunt and the taller 5th and 6th gear we wouldn’t be surprised to see this claim be matched, if not bettered, on the road. Also, the increase in tank capacity by one litre, taking the total to twenty litres, should help stretch the range to over 300km easily. So it will be better, but unlikely to better the competition.

Triumph Tiger Rally or the GT?

There has always been a clear purpose for the two variants in the Tiger family. The XR family, renamed GT, is the road biased sibling. The XC family, renamed Rally, has been the off-road and adventure focussed machine. This time around both motorcycles fulfil their roles more completely and thoroughly. The Rally is a superb tool for those who are inclined to go rough roading. The GT is better on tarmac, but crucially it now feels at ease and capable even when the going gets rough. So, for most people the GT will be the ideal pick and will be a sound one too. If you are intending to go for the Rally, the mid-spec Rally variant will prove to be sufficient. The Pro’s quickshifter, auxiliary lamps, seated pillion seat and Triumph My-Connectivity system might not be worth the extra cash for most people. The Off-road Pro mode might tempt some to step up, but that could also be configured under the customisable Rider mode as on previous Tigers.

How does the Tiger 900 compare to the competition?


The Tiger now strikes a sweet balance between adventure and touring. It also retains the exceptional build quality and premiumness that Triumphs are known for. Its high levels of equipment and connectivity features makes it all the more tempting. And yes, an Arrow exhaust will be offered as an accessory. So while the rivals from Japan and Germany could worry it in the rough, the Tiger 900 turns the tables with its all-round ability and desirability.

Do you have any questions about the Tiger 900? GIve us a shout out in the comments. But remember to check out our off-road report and comparison with the Tiger 800. Better still, head to the main page and pick from all our stories on the Tiger 900. Happy reading and riding!


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