Published on 22/01/2021 11:24:07 AM | Source: Carandbike

The All-new Mahindra Thar: Configurations and Features

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Summary: As we all know; technology is growing younger day by day with new inventions launched often. Mahindra group also seems to adapt to this technique while manufacturing its cars. This is indeed done by launching upgraded versions of its signature models. It is true that manufacturers focus on rebuilding previous models to release a better version with upgraded configurations, however, sometimes people stick to the “Old is Gold” saying by preferring the previously launched cars. Let us take a look at whether or not the all-new Mahindra Thar stands out by beating its previous version.



If you take an overall look at the new Mahindra Thar then it is obvious that it has a better visual appeal than its previous model. The all-new Mahindra Thar looks chic and eye-catching with its foundations being laid on Mahindra Scorpio. Mahindra group has shown some real exquisiteness in redesigning the Mahindra Thar making it more polished and elegant in its appeal.

The name of the car, i.e., Mahindra Thar has been embossed on its mirror that adds a new feature to the model. This signature model also comes with mHawk badging, a raised hood to prevent crashes, a tighter wheelbase with 18-inch wheels on the LX trim. Since Mahindra Thars is known for its exposed hinges, big fenders, cladding and wide bumpers, therefore, the latest Mahindra Thar has no exceptions from these features.


Design and Interiors

The interiors of the car are revamped by making the cabin in the new model far more exclusive than the previous one. Implements like 7-inch touchscreen with smartphone connectivity, multi-information display, mounted control for steering and speakers on the roof are also introduced.



Mahindra Thars always used to run on 2.5-litre diesel with 5-Speed manual gearbox but this time Mahindra has improvised and made arrangements for petrol model as well. Automation on both the fuel types has also been looked after. Moreover, the 2.2 diesel mHawk range generates 130 bhp along with 300 Nm of torque. Whereas, the 2-litre petrol model of the mStallion range generates better power with 150 bhp with 320 Nm of torque. However, both these new ranges of Mahindra Thars are known to comprise the option of 6-speed manual or automatic.



Contrary to the previous one having only one variant and side-facing benches, the brand-new Mahindra Thar is known to comprise two variants in its model and range. These would be the LX and AX series. With 16-inch wheels, side-facing benches and lesser equipment the AX series is all set to conquer roads for adventure. Whereas, the LX series signifying lifestyle series comes with the 18-inch alloys, front-facing seats and more features. Another top-notch quality refurbished in the all-new Mahindra is the option to pick between roof types which are available in options like hard-top, soft-top and a convertible roof with removable panels.



Lastly, having dealt with the features of the car, let us also discuss a few drawbacks that are in it. Even though it has a powerful petrol engine yet the LX series is not premium enough. Spacing between the rear seats are less and it is also known to have a bumpy ride quality. However, the new-platform technology, strong-off-road prowess, automatic option and creature comforts beat it all.


Bottom Line

The newly launched Mahindra Thar is all up for sale with an ex-showroom price listed as Rs. 9.8 lakh. However, its price might go up to Rs. 13.75lakh. If you take driver experience and safety measures into consideration, you can be assured that the latest Mahindra Thar has a promising verdict. Thus, the new generation Mahindra Thar serves both the SUV as well as the MUV features making it user-friendly not just for adventure but also for regular and practical use on road. The upgraded model is known to be family-friendly, thus, making it a worthy purchase.



Source - Carandbike