Published on 8/11/2019 3:46:06 PM | Source: Zigwheels

Convert Your XPulse Into A Even More Hardcore Terrain Tamer With This Rally Kit

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But there’s a catch...

  • The kit is not road legal.
  • It costs half as much as the XPulse 200.
  • The kit includes fully adjustable suspension long-travel suspension, revised ergos, knobby tyres and more!
  • This rally kit will be offered in the Indian market by early 2020.

Here’s something special for all you adventure touring enthusiasts, especially for those budding rally riders. Hero MotoCorp has introduced a rally edition kit for the XPulse 200 at EICMA 2019, which promises more oomph along with an adrenaline-packed experience. We had earlier reported Hero testing the same kit a couple of months ago. However, there was no follow up from the brand, until now. 

Nevertheless, to delve into details, the kit offers taller front and rear suspension travel. To put things into perspective, the standard bike gets 190mm and 170mm of travel at the front and back respectively. This also has an impact on the ground clearance, which measures in at 275mm, that’s a whole 55mm more than the road-going bike. The increased travel and higher ground clearance should help you overcome rough terrain with ease.

The front and rear suspension setup are fully adjustable giving riders the ability to fine tuning the configuration. Further aiding its off-road capabilities are knobby tyres rally-spec tyres from Maxxis.  

The ergonomics for the bike have also been revised where the seat is now flatter than before for easy position change while off-roading. Then there are extended gear pedals to suit off-road boots while handlebar risers offer greater manoeuvrability while riding standing up.

The engine was always a big drawback for the XPulse 200, and Hero knows this. Hence, to get more out of the motor, the final drive for the bike has been changed. In essence, it uses a smaller 12/40T sprocket, which should change the gearing, effectively offering better low- and mid-range grunt.

Unfortunately, the Akrapovic exhaust show in the picture isn’t part of the kit. That said, Hero is working on a deal where you could install an aftermarket exhaust onto the bike. The entire kit was designed and developed by Hero MotoCorp's R&D hub with inputs from the Hero MotoSports Team Rally.

We’d like to point out, these changes would essentially render your bike illegal for normal road usage. The entire kit excluding the exhaust would set you back by around Rs 50,000 (half the price of the XPulse 200), according to Hero. It will be available in the Indian market by early 2020.


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