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Stock Market Prediction 22 May 2019

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* Friends today as well, Moon-Saturn and Ketu are in combination.

* Ref. English Book Page No 18

* Slot number (2) 23-04-2019 to 31-05-2019 (Trading Days – 28)

* From 07-05-2019 (You can see the slot below) Mars will be with Rahu and Saturn will stay with Ketu. Thus, Nifty may go slight down during this slot. So, take impulsive decisions, refer the monthly file. This scenario will take place from 09-05- 2019 to 28-05-2019.

* If you are trading in F & O, trade only when there is clear pattern and stay away from mixed patterns.

* There are 5 zero weighted days during this slot, so be very careful. Know Ganesha’s wonder, see the prediction in the actual file. You can see how Nifty is making a pattern due to month and zero weightage.

* 23-05-2019 and 31-05-2019 may turn out to be trend changer dates.

* Tomorrow election result will be announced. So, just do hedging and only hedging. If you are unable to understand, than ask the broker.

* Today is a simple pattern, so see the market in three parts:

* Part 1 – From 09:15 to10:15, market will do timepass around the surface.

* Part 2 – From 10:15 to 15:00 , do gambling with just Rupee 1 margin.

* Part 3 – Market will trade below the surface.


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