Published on 12/01/2018 4:26:08 PM | Source: Dion Global Solutions Ltd

NF Railway unveils GPS-based system to tackle dense fog

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The Indian Railways has said that a new GPS-based system has been installed in all the locomotives of Northeast Frontier Railway to alert loco pilots about approaching signals and help in the timely running of trains during heavy fog. Commenting on the issue, Chief Public Relations Officer Pranav Jyoti Sharma told the media, “The equipment called FogPASS (Fog Pilot Assistance system for Safety), consisting of an inbuilt battery and GPS antenna with magnetic base, has been installed in all the locomotives in NF Railway.”

“As the train moves, the new equipment will display on the LCD screen, a short description and the remaining distance of the next two landmarks in geographical order. The landmarks include signals of various types and level crossing gates,” he said. “When a train approaches a station, the device will flash the distance left for the home signal of that station. Even if the pilot is unable to physically see the signal, he would be aware of how far the train is from the signal and act accordingly,” he further said.