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#LeadershipSeries: Interview with young Marketing Guru Mr. Anupam Tripathi, Senior Business Director Dentsu Media

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Mr. Anupam, Senior Business Director Dentsu Media and one the of young marketing leader in a candid discussion with our editorial team.

Q1. Anupam thank you for giving us opportunity to talk to you, exciting times for Marketing &Business leaders with the emergence of digital platform? How does one balance between traditionalmedium and digital?

Indeed, the growth and how it has changed the overall sphere has been phenomenal. Digital allows geophysical barriers to disappear making all consumers and businesses on earth potential customers and suppliers.Hence, it allows businesses to communicate and form a transaction anywhere and anytime.Happy to be alive in such exciting times.

If you ask me, I would say there is nothing to balance as such. Overall evolution has made space for both. The discussion is not about Digital or Offline media but the right media mix which may differ for every brand, product or market.


Q2. How difficult it is to work with multiple brands simultaneously of diverse genres (FMCG, Finance,Technology etc) and yet help them achieve their ambitions? Each industry and brand will have uniquechallenges and advantages?

I look at them as an opportunity for the brave.Each sector teaches me something new and that’s the beauty of it.Additionally, it makes our work life richer. Simultaneously, one gets to know where the markets are headed across categories.

Every category, brand gets a new set of challenges and brings along more exposure and learning and hence I feel I am lucky to be in a position where I get this unique opportunity to be able to work across spheres. In the cacophony of our growing economy, there’s a market share for everyone. It’s not about the advantages, but rather how we convert the challenges into actual numbers.

Q3. What are the top challenges for today’s brand and marketing managers? How should one dealwith them?

In today’s world one must stay relevant with the rapidly evolving technology and consumers behavior. It’s quite challenging as often brands like to stick to their conventional route which has worked for them in the past and are not very ready to adapt or experiment. We need to keep re-inventing the wheel,be it expansion or scaling up hence it’s more of a responsibility than a challenge. Awareness of what’s happening around the world is the key.

So yeah, Keep Up! Stay Relevant!

Q4. Our readers would like to know that as a successful marketing leader what is your mantra forsuccess? What is the key to be a successful leader?

Like I said, staying ahead of the curve in terms of learning is the key. Although, I don’t think of parameters to weigh my work as I feel there’s a long road ahead and I have just started.


Q5. While you yourself are role model for many however who are your role models or leaders whohave inspired you over the period of time?

Professionally I think I haven’t arrived on that one name yet, but there is so much great work done almost every day by our colleagues, clients and competitors. Thekey is to be able to draw inspiration from all of them.

On a personal level, my father is someone who has been a role model and has really inspired me through the years to strive harder.

Q6. What would be your advice to young marketing managers and management students?

You need to get your hands dirty in order to learn. There is no rulebook for the markets out there. Read up on everything that’s around you. Stay hungry to learn more. And always stick to your strengths and work on your weaknesses’. Learn to take out the pressure as it serves as a roadblock. Create a module for yourself which allows you to work freely. There is ample opportunity and your hard work will thrive in the in the long run.


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