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EURINR trading range for the day is 80.5-81.29 - Kedia

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*  USDINR trading range for the day is 68.79-69.1.

*  Rupee depreciated on dollar demand by oil importers amid strong dollar lower tracking higher oil prices.

*  Indian inflation likely rose to a near two-year high in June, a development that would strengthen calls for more monetary policy tightening by RBI.

*  A recent increase in government-mandated prices is currently predicted to add 150 billion rupees ($2.18 billion) to the government’s costs.


*  EURINR trading range for the day is 80.5-81.29.

*  Euro remained under pressure as investors were also waiting on the sidelines for developments on the trade war front between China and the United States.

*  Draghi said the major factors propelling inflation higher are still strong, describing growth risks in the euro zone as still balanced.

*  German exports rebounded from April despite trade war disputes, but imports growth weakened in May.


*  GBPINR trading range for the day is 90.97-91.94.

*  GBP dropped after the departure of two key eurosceptic ministers raised worries about a “hard Brexit”.

*  UK PM May rules out second referendum on Brexit

*  Fitch: UK Brexit plan faces major political, negotiating hurdles


*  JPYINR trading range for the day is 61.92-62.25.

*  JPY weakened as investors appeared to be putting aside concerns of the trade conflict between the U.S. and China for now.

*  Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso: Important to control spending growth on social welfare, next budget will prioritize both growth and fiscal health

*  BoJ's Harada: Jobless rate must fall more in order to hit 2% target, BoJ needs to continue with current policy to hit 2% goal

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