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Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Nickel, Zinc Commodity Report of 12 September 2019 By Geojit Financial

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Technical Commentary

A major price recovery may re-establish only above the Bollinger middle band level of 38300. Which if remained unbroken may grab prices lower to 37670 then to 37400



Technical Commentary

Prices expect to trade within the trading range of 48200-47200. A firm move which breaks either side of the above recommended region could set the directional move.


Crude Oil

Technical Commentary

By breaking the level of 3910 could push prices lower the immediate price objective of 3880 then to Bollinger lower band level of 3825 region. Inability to mark trades below 3910 could lift prices higher 3998 then to 4048.


Natural Gas

Technical Commentary

Prices have been approaching towards the internal trend line hindrance of 179 region. Which if remained untouched could anticipate a recovery move towards the upside 183.60 followed by 186.



Technical Commentary

Sturdy trades above 457.80 may lift prices further to 461.20 or even higher. Failed to sustain above the Bollinger upper band level of 457.80 may squeeze down prices lower 452.80 then to 449.40.



Technical Commentary

Rise above the hindrance of 1286 could boost prices higher towards 1302 firstly then to 1314 region. But there is equal plausible chance of long liquidation move if prices failed to crack 1286 and such weakening trade may find support at 1250.



Technical Commentary

Solid trades above the EMA level of 187.70 could lift prices higher. Else hold the same for a weak bias towards 185.60 then to 183.90.



Technical Commentary

Prices still in a congestion region with lack of directive trades. However slippage trades below the 153.70 may grab prices lower to Bollinger lower band level of 152.90 followed by 151.50. Botched effort to win below 153.70 could push prices higher.



Technical Commentary

Determined trades above the sloping trend line resistance of 141.40 could boost prices higher. Inability to succeed above the same could call a long liquidation move towards the EMA level of 139.30 region.


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