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Valhalla: Aston Martin RB-003 Gets A Name

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The new Valhalla is expected to be a 1000PS monster

  • Is a joint collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and famous F1 engineer, Adrian Newey.
  • Continues Aston Martin’s lineage of ‘V’ cars like its Valkyrie sibling.
  • Will feature an all carbon fibre construction, weighing only 1350kg.
  • Gets a V6 turbocharged petrol-hybrid system along with advanced aerodynamics.
  • Expected to be priced close to Rs 7.67 crore.

Aston Martin has finally given a name to its upcoming mid-engined hypercar, the Valhalla. This name replaces the initial codename AM-RB 003 given by the British carmaker. The Valhalla is a joint collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and famous Formula One engineer, Adrian Newey.

The Aston Martin Valhalla will be powered by a V6 turbocharged petrol-hybrid system. Aston Martin is yet to reveal its power output, but we can expect the Valhalla to be a 1000PS+ monster. Given all the aero trickery in the body, expect it to be bloody fast to take on the successor of the Mclaren P1.

Speaking of aero, Aston Martin has incorporated a Flexi-foil rear wing that alters the amount of downforce that is created by the aerodynamic element without changing its angle of attack. According to Aston Martin, this rear wing concept nearly eliminates drag, turbulence and wind noise.  The mid-engined hypercar will feature an all-carbon fibre construction that keeps the Valhalla at a featherweight 1,350kg.

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The name ‘Valhalla’ continues Aston Martin’s inspiration from ancient Norse mythology. Valhalla is an afterlife paradise where slain warriors go. The Valhalla’s predecessor, the Valkyrie also took inspiration from the Norse mythology regarding Valkyrie warriors.

The Valhalla also continues Aston Martin’s lineage of  ‘V’ cars, tracing back to 1951, on the DB2 . Such a moniker is only given to high-performance Aston Martin vehicles. The Vantage name officially debuted on the DB5. It was still considered a niche category until 2005, when the Vantage became an official model line.

Aston Martin will keep the Valhalla’s production limited to just 500 units, which will most likely be sold on order basis. Why? Because with an expected starting price of 875,000 pounds (Rs 7.67 crore), most of us humans don't even qualify as potential customers.

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