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Know The Predictions For The Union Budget 2019 As Per Ganesha

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Know The Predictions For The Union Budget 2019 As Per Ganesha

The purpose of life is to strike the right balance between materialistic resourcefulness and inner development. In the context of society, materialistic prosperity becomes all the more important as poverty is a glaring social reality which also negatively impacts ethics & internal development. And the purpose of nations is to actualise and effect the all-round progress of their people. It is said that nations are divisions of humanity, which exist separately as managing the entire planet from a single centre (government) is practically not feasible. Every nation ought to become a welfare state and maximise the happiness of its citizens. But it can not happen without a proper annual plan, which charters the spending and earnings of the national society, gradually moving towards the elimination of poverty and installation of universal prosperity and well-being. Well, the annual financial budget is one such plan in India and so many other countries.

Now, the Union Budget of India is around the corner. It is scheduled to be presented on 5th July 2019. It’s going to be the first budget of India after the Lok Sabha election 2019, wherein the Narendra Modiled National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was voted back to power. How will the Union Budget 2019- 20 be like? Will it help the urban middle class? Will it try to impress the largest section of Indian society, the farmers and labourers? Will it be business-friendly? Well, presently the answers to these questions are open to speculation. But here is what Ganesha has predicted about the upcoming Union Budget. Read on to know the future, the upcoming 2019-20 budget:


Astrological Predictions:

FM’s Harsh Decisions In Some Areas Likely

In the horoscope of independent India, Sun is in the Moon sign Cancer and the transiting Sun is passing through the 2nd House and is with Rahu in Rahu’s constellation Ardra. Such planetary positions indicate that Finance Minister(FM) may take some harsh decisions in the areas of gold policy, public sector units (PSUs), GDP growth, taxation, income tax & sales tax.

Planets To Influence Railway, Transport, Etc.

As per India’s kundli, on the budget day, Mars-Mercury-Moon will move over natal Moon-MercurySaturn-Venus-Sun. Thus, three planets will move over five planets. So, houses 3 and 9 will be the most sensitive in the horoscope. This will cause more movement in the following sectors: National - International Transport, Railway, Post Office, Telecoms, Print Media, Transportation, Courier.

Venus And Mars’ Influence

In all this, the point to note is that the natal Mars is of degree (7:27) and the transit of Venus on that day is at degree (7.49) which has an indication for some segments (Media & Entertainment / Luxury Electronics Items / Textiles / Readymade Apparels /Spinning Agencies/Jewellery/Agro Base Food Processing/ Luxury Automobiles/ Garment Industries/Perfumes / Luxurious Vehicles).

Other Developments

On the budget day, the auspicious planet Jupiter will transit in the 7th House with Ketu being already there. Thus, these planets will make good developments in the areas of Employees' State Insurance/ Foreign-Related Matters / Public Health. There will be more provision in the above-mentioned segments.

Issues In Taxation To Dominate The Discourse

In India’s kundli, Mercury is in Pushya Nakshatra and the same situation is on the budget day. So, there will be strong steps in the areas of Insolvency and Bankruptcy / Consolidated Fund /Indirect-direct taxes / fiscal policy. The issues in the above-mentioned areas will dominate the discourse on budget day.

FM Will Try To Maintain Economic Growth

On the Budget day, Moon will be passing through Ashlesha constellation and it will be conjunct with Mercury and Mars in the 3rd House. This means the FM may also consider the areas of Tax Collection, revenue deficit, fixed deposits & foreign direct investment flow while preparing the Union Budget. The Finance Minister is likely to play safe and make efforts to maintain the growth rate.

Unpredictable Decision In Sectors Like Crude Oil

It should be noted that due to the the uncalm conjunction of Saturn degree(23.25) and Ketu degree (23.28) the FM may announce a unpredictable or a difficult to understand policy in the areas of crude oil, pesticide, leather, aluminium, steel, iron, scrap, compressors, engineering-heavy duty machinery, fasteners, rubber, tyres, foundry, coal.


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