Stock Market Prediction 19th October 2016

* The market may move in a very slow pattern, due to Saturn's aspect on the exalted

* Today, do delivery based Intraday.

* At the opening time short Nifty, and around 10.30 buy Nifty.

* Around 13.13 again short Nifty, and exit when you earn a good profit.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, a

Stock Market Prediction 18th October 2016

* From 9.15 to 10.35, overall Nifty may remain negative.

* After 10.36 Nifty may reverse its trend, and till 15.00 remain within a fixed range.

* Between 15.00 to 15.30, index based profit booking is foreseen.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and not that of the website or its management. adv

Stock Market Prediction 17th October 2016

* As mentioned in our monthly prediction file, you should still remain cautious from
17-10-2016 to 20-10-2016.

* You must have witnessed that Ganesha's prediction was highly accurate for the slot
between 29-09-2016 to 13-10-2016.

* Moreover, our Intraday prediction for last week also came true.

* The Sun has changed Signs and moved into Libra Sign

Stock Market Prediction 14th October 2016

* Trade only if you have the capacity to take delivery, else avoid trading today.

* Around 9.20 short sell Nifty, and around 10.30 buy Nifty.

* Around 12.40 again buy Nifty, and immediately exit on earning a profit of 2 rupees.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of the author, and not that of the website or its management. investmen

Stock Market Prediction 13th October 2016

* The market trend may be unpredictable today, due to the Moon-Ketu conjunction.

* Today, the Moon is in Shatabhisha Constellation, hence you may not enjoy trading at Nifty. Ganesha also foresees a very confusing pattern.

* The opening may be negative.

* From 9.30 to 9.50 Nifty shall go up, slightly.

* Between 9.50 to 10.50 selling pressure is expected at

Stock Market Prediction 10th October 2016

* There are 2 holidays during this week. Hence, avoid taking a long position, and just
do Intraday.

* You must have witnessed the accuracy of Ganesha's prediction during the last

* Today from 9.15 to 11.15 Nifty will remain around the surface level.

* Between 11.15 to 15.30 overall Nifty shall be positive.


The view

Stock Market Prediction 7th October 2016

* Avoid dealing as per the opening, because the market may be very dull during the
first part.

* From 11.00 to 14.00, expect good movement in the market during the second part.
Hence, you can do Intraday, but avoid F&O.

* Between 14.00 to 15.30, both value and volume buying in the market is foreseen by
Ganesha, one week in advance. Thus, the market s

Stock Market Prediction 6th October 2016

* Major changes in the planetary positions is not foreseen today. Hence, do not
expect much at Nifty.

* As all the planets are now posited on the same side, astrologically a Kaalsarp

* Dosha is formed, which may be unfavourable for you, and market in the forthcoming

* Around 10.10 short sell Nifty, and around 11.11 buy Nifty.

* Around

Stock Market Prediction 5th October 2016

* The Moon and Saturn will be in conjunction in Scorpio Sign. Hence, liquidity in the
market may fluctuate a lot.

* The Moon is also in Swati Constellation, hence trading may be less interesting
today, says Ganesha.

* From 9.15 to 9.40, Nifty will go up, but may be unreliable

* Between 9.40 to 10.30, Nifty shall try to stabilise.

* From 10.3

Stock Market Prediction 4th October 2016

* After changing Signs, Mercury is now posited with the Sun. As Mercury will be at
zero degrees, today and tomorrow may be slightly risky, predicts Ganesha one
week in advance.

* If you have delivery capacity, do Intraday to earn a good profit, else do Navratri puja

* From opening to 11.30, Nifty will immediately go down, step by step.


Stock Market Prediction 3rd September 2016

* Last week you must have witnessed the accuracy of Ganesha's prediction
regarding Bank Nifty for the last 2 weeks.

* You must remain cautious, as Mercury and Rahu are still together.

* The opening will be good during this week, but immediately profit booking is
expected. Hence, remain cautious everyday after the opening.

* From 9.15 to 11.15 Nift

Stock Market Prediction 30th September 2016

* The Moon will be weak, as today is Amavasya/No Moon Day. Hence, very shortterm
trading is advisable.

* Avoid taking a long position, advises Ganesha.

* From 9.15 to 10.00, the market may remain slightly below the surface.

* Around 10.00, a technical bounce is foreseen.

* Between 10.30 to 11.30, Nifty may go down.

* The period from 11.30

Stock Market Prediction 29th September 2016

* Especially remain cautious during carry forward for F&O, clarifies Ganesha.

* Avoid trading on the up side, as Nifty may be unstable on 03-10-2016 and 04-10-

* From opening to 11.40, Nifty may waste time around a psychological figure.

* Between 11.40 to 14.00 Nifty will move upwards.

* From 14.00 till end of the day, a correction is for

Stock Market Prediction 28th September 2016

* Today may be very risky for Bank Nifty, as it is Wednesday and the Moon, Mercury
and Rahu are also in conjunction.

* The trend may be unclear, due to the conjunction of Moon and Rahu.

* Around 10.30 sell Nifty, and around 11.30 buy Nifty.

* Besides this trend, the view is not clear. Hence just relax today, advises Ganesha.


The vi

Stock Market Prediction 27th September 2016

* Based on the planetary positions, major changes are not foreseen by Ganesha.

* Remain cautious today, as the closing may be slightly confusing.

* The opening might be negative.

* From 9.40 to 10.40, expect a technical bounce.

* Between 10.40 to 12.05, Nifty may remain on the negative side.

* After 12.05, wait for the European markets to open.

Stock Market Prediction 26th September 2016

* Expect good liquidity today, as the Moon is in its own Sign, Cancer.

* The Sun and Jupiter are in degreecal conjunction, which is auspicious for your
personal horoscope.

* From opening till the next 3 hours, Nifty may remain around the surface.

* During the period thereafter, the overall view at Nifty is positive.


The views and p

Stock Market Prediction 23rd September 2016

* Movement in Banking Sector stocks will increase, as Mercury is now moving in
direct motion.

* But don't relax fully, because Mercury and Rahu are still in conjunction.

* From 9.15 to 9.45, Nifty may go down.

* The period between 9.45 to 13.25 will be suitable for FII, brokerage houses and big
speculators. Hence, you should stay away from the mar

Stock Market Prediction 22nd September 2016

* Today the Moon will be posited in its Sign of Exaltation, and also in Rohini
Constellation, which is considered auspicious.

* From starting to 12.15, profit booking at Nifty is foreseen.

* Between 12.15 to 13.25, slight buying in Small Cap and Mid Cap Stocks is

* From 13.25 to 15.30, the European markets shall positively influence Nifty.<

Stock Market Prediction 21st September 2016

* The planetary positions do not indicate any major changes today, says Ganesha.

* Today can also be termed as a timepass day.

* Around 10.55 short Nifty, and around 12.05 buy Nifty.

* From 12.10 to 14.10, Nifty may remain around a psychological figure.

* Around 14.10 Nifty will jump, but immediately slide downwards, and remain down till
end of the

Stock Market Prediction 20th September 2016

* Swagruhi Venus will now become stronger.

* From opening to 10.00, Nifty may remain within the negative zone.

* Between 10.00 to 11.15, Nifty shall be positive.

* From 11.15 t0 12.40, selling pressure in heavy weight scrips is expected.

* Between 12.40 till closing time of the market, Nifty will go up step by step.


The views an

Stock Market Prediction 19th September 2016

* Mars has now moved away from Saturn.

* Moreover, the Sun has moved away from Rahu, and is now in conjunction with

* From opening to 12.30, Nifty may be highly volatile and remain around the surface

* Between 12.30 till the closing bell, overall Nifty will be positive.


The views and predictions expressed her

Stock Market Prediction 16th September 2016

* From tomorrow, the Sun will change Signs and completely move away from Rahu.

* Now, only Rahu and retrograde Mercury will be posited in Leo Sign.

* But, the Moon and Ketu are still posited in the same Sign.

* Between 9.15 to 12.05 Nifty trend will be like the Asian markets, hence follow the

* From 12.05 onwards, the market will pass time ar

Stock Market Prediction 15th September 2016

* The market trend may be uneven and unpredictable due to the conjunction of Moon
and Ketu.

* During the last week, you had witnessed that Nifty-50 stocks were moving against
each other.

* Around 11.11 short Nifty, and around 12.42 buy Nifty.

* The trend may be unclear till the closing time. Hence consider that the “Trend is our

Stock Market Prediction 14th September 2016

* The Sun and Rahu are now degreecally away, which is auspicious.

* Ganesha had advised you to remain cautious in Bank Nifty during the last week,
and you must have witnessed its effects on last Friday.

* The opening will be positive, but the market may immediately move downwards,
and till 12.15 remain down.

* Between 12.15 to 13.15 selling pressure i

Stock Market Prediction 12th September 2016

* The market will remain closed tomorrow - Tuesday 13-09-2016, hence avoid big

* From 19-9-2016 till 30-9-2016, the market may remain on the soft or negative side.

* Between 9.15 to 9.35 the opening will be good.

* From 9.35 to 13.00 the market may be highly volatile and remain on the soft side.

* Between 13.00 to 14.00 Nifty shall get the p