Stock Market Prediction 16th May 2016

* The Moon will be in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra/Constellation today.

* The Moon-Rahu-Jupiter combination may cause confusion, around the Opening time of the stock market, today.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.06, do delivery based Intraday, and avoid taking any long position.

* Between 11.06 to 13.45, the overall view at Nifty shall be positive.

* From 1

Stock Market Prediction 13th May 2016

* Today, the opening shall be positive, but thereafter Nifty may immediately go down. Hence, trade after the market becomes steady.

* Avoid an immediate entry, on the basis of the Opening trend. Thus, watch the terminal, only after 10.20 today.

* From 10.20 to 11.20, Nifty shall go up, step by step.

* Between 11.20 to 12.20, Nifty shall remain within a micro

Stock Market Prediction 12th May 2016

* Today, from opening to 11.00, just trade as per the trend, and avoid applying your ideas, because a very uneven pattern is foreseen by Ganesha.

* Between 11.00 to 12.00, Nifty shall move upwards.

* From 12.00 to 12.40, take a tea break.

* Between 12.40 to 13.40, Nifty shall go up.

* From 14.00 to 15.30, may be a boring period. Thus, avoid trading

Stock Market Prediction 11th May 2016

* Only those who have the capacity to take delivery, should do Intraday today.

* Today, at around 9.30, those who are bold enough to incur a loss, may short sell Nifty. And, immediately exit on making a profit, without waiting further.

* At around 10.35 buy Nifty, and take an exit on making a profit of 2 Rupees.

* Again, at around 12.30 buy Nifty, and exit on

Stock Market Prediction 10th May 2016

* You may get confused while trading today, as the Moon will be in Ardra Nakshatra/Constellation, which is ruled by Rahu.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.15, Nifty may not remain steady. Hence, just buy and sell, and exit on earning a margin of 2 or 3 Rupees.

* Between 11.15 to 12.15, Nifty shall maintain its surface level, which shall be overall OK.

* From 12.15 to

Stock Market Prediction 9th May 2016

* On 02-05-2016, Nifty Cash was 7822.70 at the Opening time. Whereas, on 06-05- 2016, Nifty Cash was 7733.45 at the Closing time. Thus, there was a very small difference of -89.25 points, during the last week.

* We hope that you must have read the slot predictions in the monthly paragraph for May-2016, mentioned on page no: 22 in our book.

* Today, from opening to 9.50,

Stock Market Prediction 6th May 2016

* The stock market may slowly experience a big shock, during the next week. (The period during the next week can be termed as - Zor Ka Jhatka Dheere Se Lage.)

* Today, 4 planets – the Moon, Venus, Sun and Mercury will form a combination in Aries Sign.

* The 30th of May will be a sensitive date during the 5th week.

* Today, you should donate Ghee/Clarifi

Stock Market Prediction 5th May 2016

* Stay alert, as you may practically experience the effects of heat waves today.

* Today, the Moon will be in Revati Constellation.

* The 23rd of May will be a sensitive date during the 4th week.

* Donate Chana Dal/Split Bengal gram/Split Chick Peas today.

* Today, the period from 9.15 to 11.15, shall be suitable for Intraday Traders, FII, Mutual F

Stock Market Prediction 4th May 2016

* The Moon will be in Uttarabhadrapada Constellation today.

* Nifty may remain within the Resistance Zone today.

* The 18th and 20th May will be sensitive dates during the 3rd week.

* You should donate Moong/Green Gram today.


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Stock Market Prediction 3rd May 2016

* Today, each planet will be in conjunction with its opposing planet, which is an uneven/unusual pattern.

* Today, Nifty may remain within a range-bound area.

* The 13th of May will be sensitive during the 2nd week.

* Donate Red Masoor Dal/Red Lentils today.

* Today, the Opening trend may be unreliable.


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Stock Market Prediction 2nd May 2016

* The Moon-Ketu combination may lead to high volatility in the stock market today.

* Do stock specific work today.

* The 2nd, 3rd, and 6th May will be sensitive dates during this 1st week.

* You should donate things like Rice and Milk today.

* Today, from Opening to 11.30, only buy-sell, as Nifty may remain unstable.


Stock Market Prediction 29th April 2016

* The market trend may be totally unreliable today. Hence, think twice before taking any risk, and proceed accordingly.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.45, will be a Zero Weightage Slot. Hence, just buy and sell,and avoid taking a long position.

* Between 11.45 to 13.15, Nifty shall go Up.

* From 13.15 to 13.45, there may be a correction at Nifty.

* Betwe

Stock Market Prediction 28th April 2016

* Avoid taking any new position today. Instead, see the graph for May-2016, and accordingly take your decision on the forthcoming Monday.

* Today from Opening to 9.50, Nifty shall remain around the surface level.

* Between 9.50 to 10.30, Nifty may bounce.

* From 10.30 to 13.30, Nifty may witness a mixed pattern.

* Between 13.30 to 15.30, overall Ni

Stock Market Prediction 27th April 2016

* Venus will now change Signs, and form a combination with the Sun and Mercury.

* Today, the Moon will be in the Constellation ruled by Ketu. Hence, do Intraday, only if you have the capacity to take delivery; else avoid trading.

* Today, at around 11.40 buy Nifty, and exit once you make a profit.

* Again buy Nifty at around 13.50, and exit on earning a profi

Stock Market Prediction 26th April 2016

* The Opening shall be slightly positive today.

* From 9.30 to 11.40, Nifty may witness solid movement on both the sides. Hence, change your position accordingly.

* Between 11.40 to 15.00, the global markets shall positively influence Nifty.

* Profit booking is foreseen at Nifty, during the last 30 minutes of the trading day.


Stock Market Prediction 25th April 2016

* The market shall remain highly volatile today, due to the conjunction of the Moon, Mars and Saturn.

* From Opening to 12.00, the Nifty trend may not follow a certain pattern. Hence, do jobbing to earn a good profit.

* Between 12.00 till the closing bell, you may buy and sell on the Up side, overall during this period.


The views and predict

Stock Market Prediction 22nd April 2016

* Nothing special is foreseen today by Ganesha.

* Today, from 9.15 to 11.45, the Nifty trend may be confusing. Hence, do Intraday with a tight stop-loss. (0.03)

* Between 12.00 to 13.30, Nifty shall go up slightly, step by step. (0.04)

* From 13.30 to 15.00, the Nifty trend shall resemble a V-shaped graph. Hence, you should decide accordingly. (0.07)

Stock Market Prediction 21st April 2016

* Today is a Zero Weightage Day. You are aware about its history, and you can also
read about the same in our book.

* Friends, you are advised to trade carefully, today.

* Today, you should do any type of Intraday, says Ganesha.

* From 9.15 to 10.15, Nifty may remain soft. (-0.04)

* An astrological bounce

Stock Market Prediction 20th April 2016

* Friends, tomorrow will be a Zero Weightage Day. Hence, remain extra cautious today, tomorrow, and also on the day after tomorrow.

* Avoid dealing for some time in the Aviation, Education, Mines and Petroleum products sectors. Ganesha will inform you when to deal in these sectors in the future.

* Today, from Opening to 12.10, solid movement on both the sides is expecte

Stock Market Prediction 18th April 2016

* The stock market will be closed tomorrow. Hence, don't worry and just relax when you go home today.

* Ganesha foresees a dull period from Opening to 12.20 today, as Nifty may not remain steady, this time around. (-0.01)

* Between 12.20 to 13.40, Nifty shall go up. (0.05)

* From 13.40 to 14.15, there may be a correction at Nifty. (-0.08)

* Bet

Stock Market Prediction 13th April 2016

* Today, you shall experience a Twenty-20 Cricket Match atmosphere at Nifty.

* The Moon will be in Rahu's Constellation today. Hence, Ganesha foresees highest volatility at Nifty today.

* You may do delivery based Intraday. But, if you do not have the capacity, trade after preparing yourself mentally to incur a loss.

* Short sell Nifty at around the Openi

Stock Market Prediction 12th April 2016

* Today, trading shall start above the surface level.

* Do Intraday, and book your profit or loss, today itself. And, decide about your next move, tomorrow.

* Today, from 9.40 to 12.40, the Nifty trend may be unclear. Hence, do jobbing, this time around.

* Between 12.40 to 14.00, Nifty shall go up, step by step.

* From 14.00 to 15.30 may be a High

Stock Market Prediction 11th April 2016

* There are many holidays during this week. Hence, avoid taking a long position, and just trade for 2 or 3 days, as the public will be in a holiday mood!

* Today, the Opening shall be positive, but temporary.

* From 9.30 to 11.30, Nifty may remain on the down side.

* Between 11.00 to 11.30, expect a positive bounce at Nifty. However, this may occur for a very

Stock Market Prediction 8th April 2016

* The Moon-Mercury combination shall increase volatility in Bank Nifty today.

* There will be many holidays in the forthcoming 2 weeks. Hence, avoid taking a long position, and just enjoy the holidays!

* The Nifty trend may be unclear today, says Ganesha.

* Trade, only if you have the capacity to take delivery today.

* Today, at around 9.30 sell Ni

Stock Market Prediction 7th April 2016

* Today is Amavasya – No/New Moon Day. Hence, the Moon's influence on Nifty will be relatively less.

* Ganesha is predicting one week in advance that today, the period from Opening to 9.45 shall be positive.

* However, the period between 9.45 to 11.00, may be totally unreliable.

* From 11.00 to 13.00, the Nifty trend may be confusing. Subsequently,