Stock Market Prediction 1st March 2016

*  If you are unable to understand the effects of Union Budget on the stock market, avoid taking a wrong position today, based on the budget analysis.

*  Today, from opening to 11.40, the stock market trend be unreliable, and Nifty may mostly remain around the surface level.

*  Expect a technical bounce for a very short time period, at around 11.40. Hence

Stock Market Prediction 29th February 2016

*  The Union Budget will be presented today, and the stock market will be closed for 3 consecutive days on 5th, 6th and 7th March 2016. Hence, avoid taking a long position.

*  Please refer the table in the attached pdf file, to see the overall trend of the stock market, today and tomorrow.

*  The budget will be presented in Libra Sign, and the consequence

Stock Market Prediction 26th February 2016

*  Today, from 9.15 to 9.54, avoid trading at Nifty.

*  Between 9.54 and 10.46, Nifty shall go up.

*  From 10.46 to 11.55, Nifty may go down.

*  Between 11.55 and 14.01, just do jobbing at Nifty.

*  From 14.01 to 14.40, Nifty shall move upwards.

*  No clear trend is foreseen at Nifty, between 14.40 and 15.30

Stock Market Prediction 25th February 2016

*  Today, from starting till 12.00, nothing special is foreseen at Nifty.

*  A temporary bounce is expected at Nifty, between 12.00 and 12.40.

*  From 12.40 to 14.00, the overall view at Nifty is on the soft side.

*  Expect Nifty to jump once, between 14.00 and 14.30. However, this may occur for a very small time period.

Stock Market Prediction 24th February 2016

*  Please refer our monthly prediction file, and deal carefully in the sectors mentioned therein, during this week. (22-02-2016 to 26-02-2016)

*  Today Jupiter, Moon and Rahu will be in close degreecal conjunction. Hence, trade as per your delivery capacity.

*  Today, from 9.39 to 10.27, Nifty trend may resemble a W-shaped graph. Thus, take your position

Stock Market Prediction 23rd February 2016

*  Ganesha foresees that Nifty may form a boring pattern, as no major changes are expected today.

*  Today, from starting to 12.30, you may deal with a margin of just Rs.1 or 2.

*  Nifty may jump once, between 12.30 and 13.00.

*  Just do jobbing from 13.00 till the closing bell, and avoid taking a long position.


Stock Market Prediction 22th February 2016

*  The stock market may remain highly volatile today, due to the Moon-Jupiter-Rahu, and the Sun-Ketu combination.

*  Today, from Opening to 10.15, Nifty may pass time around the surface.

*  Between 10.15 and 11.15, Nifty shall go up slightly.

*  From 11.15 to 12.30, Nifty may go down.

*  The period between 12.30 and 14.15,

Stock Market Prediction 19th February 2016

*  You may sell the stocks wherein there is no movement, and are lying in your portfolio since a long time. And, if you have the courage, you may continue selling such stocks.

*  Remember that 11-03-2016, may be a zero weightage day.

*  Today, from 9.15 to 9.40, Nifty shall go up.

*  Between 9.40 to 12.15, overall Nifty may remain around t

Stock Market Prediction 18th February 2016

*  From 18-02-2016 to 04-03-2016, you may exit from the stocks wherein you are in zero-zero condition (no profit-no loss position). And, if you wait for the stock market to crash, you may again get the stocks at a cheaper rate.

*  Ganesha cautions you in advance, that March-2016 may be the most tense period and incomprehensible month of this year.

*  Toda

Stock Market Prediction 17th February 2016

*  Please refer our monthly pdf file sent to you, and read the prediction for the sectors that you need to deal carefully, from 22-02-2016 to 26-02-2016.

*  The yearly slot shall change from tomorrow, which shall support you. Hence, keep faith in Ganesha and remain patient.

*  Do intraday, only if you have the capacity to take delivery.

Stock Market Prediction 16th February 2016

*  Please refer our monthly pdf file sent to you, and read the prediction for sectors that may remain soft, from 15-02-2016 to 19-02-2016.

*  Today, from 9.15 to 10.00, Nifty shall go up.

*  Between 10.00 to 13.00, Nifty may go down.

*  Nifty may bounce from 13.00 onwards, but for a small time period.

*  Between 13.30 to 14

Stock Market Prediction 15th February 2016

*  The Sun-Ketu are now in conjunction, which may be unfavourable for the government sector.

*  As mentioned on page no. 17 in our 2015-16 stock market prediction book, the period from 1-12-2015 to 17-02-2016 was predicted as a zero weightage time slot. This has proved to be 100% accurate!

*  The astrological low figure of 7077 for Nifty, provided on page

Stock Market Prediction 12th February 2016

*  Buying in Small Cap-Mid Cap is expected at Nifty, during the first 1 hour today.

*  Remain cautious today, from 10.15 to 12.50, as both FII and DII shall trade very actively, in order to rearrange their portfolio.

*  Between 12.50 to 14.50, you may only do Intraday on both the sides at Nifty, and also avoid taking a long position.

*  Bu

Stock Market Prediction 11th February 2016

*  Ganesha does not anticipate a major change in the Nifty trend today.

*  Only those who have the capacity to take delivery should deal in Nifty today, else you may incur a loss while doing Intraday.

*  Today, the period from Opening to 11.15 may be very boring, as nothing special is foreseen at Nifty.

*  At around 11.20, you may sell Nif

Stock Market Prediction 10th February 2016

*  The Moon-Ketu combination still exists today.

*  Today, from 9.15 to 10.15, Nifty shall move upwards.

*  Between 10.15 to 11.00, Nifty may go down slightly.

*  From 11.00 to 11.55, Nifty shall go up again.

*  Between 11.15 to 13.03, expect selling pressure at Nifty.

*  From 13.03 to 13.40, Nifty is likely

Stock Market Prediction 9th February 2016

*  The negative combination of the Moon-Ketu formed today, may adversely affect you while dealing at Nifty, depending on the planetary position in your Personal Horoscope.

*  Mercury will now change Signs, and thus, be in conjunction with the Sun, today.

*  Take a decision, 20 minutes after the Opening time, today.

*  From 9.35 to 10.35, N

Stock Market Prediction 8th February 2016

*  Ganesha has already started writing the 2016-17 Stock Market Prediction Book, so please ensure to book your copy of the same.

*  Today is Monday as well as Full/No Moon Day (Amavasya). Hence, worshipping Lord Shiva today will provide excellent results.

*  You may take more time to take decisions, as the Moon is likely to be weak today. Thus, deal cauti

Stock Market Prediction 5th February 2016

*  Please refer the monthly predictions already sent to you, and keep in mind our predictions for the time frames from 15.02.2016 to 19.02.2016, and 22.02.2016 to 26.02.2016.

*  Today, divide the time slot from 9.15 to 13.15 in two parts; wherein Nifty shall go up in the first part, and may go down in the second part.

*  No clear view is foreseen at Nifty

Stock Market Prediction 4th February 2016

*  The Moon and Saturn are in conjunction today, hence the stock market trend may be boring.

*  Today, the period from Opening to 10.39, and till 11.27, may be termed as a 'No Trading Zone'.

*  Between 11.27 to 13.27, Nifty may initially bounce and then, slide downwards.

*  From 13.27 to 14.03, Nifty shall go up.

Stock Market Prediction 3rd February 2016

*  The Jupiter-Rahu, Moon-Saturn, and Mercury-Venus combination exists today. Hence, you should think twice before dealing in the stock market, because one positive planet will be in conjunction with one negative planet.

*  Only those who have the capacity to take delivery should trade in the stock market today.

*  Avoid major changes in your portfolio to

Stock Market Prediction 2nd February 2016

*  Numerologically, the number 2 will have more weightage today, which is ruled by the Moon.

*  Today, from Opening to 11.00, the stock market conditions shall hold Nifty around the surface.

*  Between 11.00 to 13.40, Nifty may remain on the soft side.

*  From 13.40 to 14.15, Nifty shall move upwards.

*  A mixed to the nega

Stock Market Prediction 1st February 2016

* Friends, you must have witnessed Ganesha's accurate prediction for Slot No.13 on 01-12-2015, in our 2015-16 stock market prediction book.

* Also, refer our monthly prediction file sent to you, and carefully read our prediction for one more date, mentioned therein.

* Although Nifty was positive on last Friday 29-01-2016, you must remain alert till 10.00 today.

Stock Market Prediction 29th January 2016

*  The malefic planet Rahu will now move into Leo Sign. Hence, Leo natives may feel tense during the forthcoming one and a half years.

*  The stock market may remain highly volatile from February-2016 to July-2016, as Jupiter and Rahu will be in conjunction during this time period. You may seek Ganesha's help while dealing at Nifty, this time around.


Stock Market Prediction 28th January 2016

*  Ganesha feels that today, the Nifty trend may be very confusing, unpredictable and unreliable. Also, avoid taking major decisions today and tomorrow, as the Moon will be in conjunction with Rahu, this time around.

*  Only those who have the capacity to take delivery should deal at Nifty today, else simply do your personal work.

*  Today, at around 9.20

Stock Market Prediction 25th January 2016

*  Friends, Ganesha hopes that you must have read about the clear view on Nifty for the period from 11-01-2016 to 22-01-2016, which was provided a year ago in our 2015-16 stock market prediction book, and also in our monthly prediction file.

*  Today, from Opening to 10.15, Nifty may pass time around the surface.

*  Between 10.15 to 11.25, Nifty shall go