Stock Market Prediction 10th August 2016

* Avoid Intraday, as anything may happen at Nifty today and tomorrow.

* Ganesha has advised to avoid speculation. Yet, if you speculate, do it cautiously.

* Buy around 9.45 and around 10.45 exit.

* Around 13.30 short sell, and around 14.50 buy.

* Around 14.55 buy, and immediately exit on earning 1 rupee.


The views and prediction

Stock Market Prediction 9th Aug 2016

* Both Rahu and Mercury are in the same Navmansh, hence Bank Nifty shall be
highly volatile.

* Take care in real estate stocks during this week. Especially in India Bulls and HDIL.

* Opening may be average and less interesting. Thereafter, Nifty may immediately go
down slightly. Hence prepare accordingly.

* Nifty shall maintain its position during the

Stock Market Prediction 8th August 2016

* Hope you remember the predictions for 10th, 11th and 18th.

* From 9.15 to 10.15 Nifty may remain around the same surface. Hence observe the opening and decide accordingly.

* Between 10.15 to 12.00 Nifty will remain positive.

* From 12.00 to 15.30 just do jobbing, as the view is unclear and the trend may change frequently.


The views and

Stock Market Prediction 4th August 2016

* Read the predictions in our book for the period from 08.08.2016 to 19.08.2016, says Ganesha.

* From pre-opening to 10.25, nothing special is foreseen at Nifty.

* Between 10.25 to 12.12 Nifty will go up.

* From 12.12 to 15.05 Nifty trend may be mixed to negative.

* During the last 25 minutes, there may be selling pressure at Nifty, predicts Ganesha one w

Stock Market Prediction 4th August 2016

*  Today and tomorrow will be very important.

*  The Moon, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter – 5 planets will be posited in one Sign today.

*  Do Intraday, only if you have delivery capacity, else avoid trading today and tomorrow.

*  Around 10.10 buy Nifty, and around 11.11 take an exit.

*  Around 14.04 sell Nifty, and exit o

Stock Market Prediction 2nd August 2016

* The Moon may be weak, as today is Amavasya (No Moon Day). Hence liquidity in the market may be questionable.

* From 9.15 to 10.25 Nifty may pass time, and trading for even 1 rupee may not take place.

* Between 10.25 to 12.25 Nifty shall jump upwards.

* From 12.15 to 13.40 Nifty may remain soft. )

* Between 13.40 to 14.10, a temporary jump is expected.

Stock Market Prediction 1st August 2016

* Nifty may be very volatile today, as 4 planets Venus, Rahu, Jupiter, and Mercury are together. Moreover, Saturn and Mars are also together.

* From 9.15 to10.40 Nifty may not remain steady, and frequently change with a small margin.

* Between 10.40 to 12.30 Nifty will go up.

* From 12.30 till the closing bell, very amazing change in the trend is foreseen. Hence, y

Stock Market Prediction 29th July 2016

* Today the Moon will be in its sign of exaltation, and also in its favourable constellation.

* From 9.15 to 9.45, Nifty may go down.

* Between 9.45 to 10.55, Nifty trend may be from mixed to slightly negative.

* From 10.55 to 12.45, Nifty will go up.

* Between 12.45 to 15.30, Nifty may go down.


The views and predictions express

Stock Market Prediction 28th July 2016

* You must remain cautious today, as it is a zero weightage day.

* Avoid Intraday, yet if you do so, remain alert while trading, and avoid taking a long position.

* From opening to 13.47.58, just do jobbing.

* After 13.47.58 the market trend will change, hence reshuffle accordingly.


The views and predictions expressed here are those of th

Stock Market Prediction 27th July 2016

* Today may be boring, foresees Ganesha.

* Mercury will now change signs and form a combination with Rahu and Jupiter, hence Bank Nifty shall be more volatile, as compared to Nifty.

* Today there will be 2 clear trends, thus trade accordingly.

* Around 10.30 buy Nifty, and around 11.30 sell Nifty.

* Around 14.40 sell Nifty, and exit on making a profit.

Stock Market Prediction 25th July 2016

* Remain extra cautious on both the sides, and don't think whether the market will go up or down.

* From opening to 11.10, Nifty may remain on the lower side of the margin.

*  Between 11.10 to 15.00, overall Nifty will go up.

* During the last 30 minutes, Nifty may be on the soft side


The views and predictions expressed here are

Stock Market Prediction 22nd July 2016

* The Moon-Ketu combination may confuse you and the market today.

* Only and only trade with a margin of 1 rupee today.

* From 9.15 to 11.11, Nifty may be slightly negative.

* Between 11.11 to 13.13, Nifty will go up.

* From 13.13 to 14.37, Nifty may go down.

* Between 14.37 to 15.05, Nifty shall go up.

* From 15.05 to 15.30, Nifty mig

Stock Market Prediction 21th July 2016

* You may witness liquidity in the market, as the Moon is in Shravana Nakshatra today.

* From opening till next 2 hours, Nifty may pass time.

* Between 11.15 to 13.15, Nifty will witness a positive movement, due to buying in 'A' group stocks.

* From13.15 to 15.30, W-shaped graph at Nifty is foreseen, hence you should take decisions accordingly.


Stock Market Prediction 20th July 2016

* Nifty may not be interesting today, says Ganesha.

* Ganesha foresees a very boring and dull day.

* Short Nifty around the opening with the capacity to incur a loss, and immediately exit on making a profit.

* Around 10.00 buy Nifty, and around 12.00 take an exit.

* After 12.00 avoid trading in the market, and devote time to your family.


Stock Market Prediction 19th July 2016

* Please read the predictions from 25-07-2016 to 11-08-2016 in our book.

* Ganesha feels that Pharma stocks may be on the soft side during this week.

* Today Bank Nifty will be strong, or we can say that Bank scripts will remain strong.

* Pre-opening to 11.00, Nifty may be unreliable.

* Between 11.00 to 13.00, Nifty will slowly gain strength.


Stock Market Prediction 18th July 2016

* The market may witness lots of fluctuations in the name of GST bill, hence remain cautious in F&O.  The Sun has now changed Signs and moved into Cancer Sign.

* Today from 9.15 to 11.30, a mixed trend at Nifty is indicated.

* Between 11.30 to 13.30, Nifty will go up.

* From 13.30 to 15.30, the overall view at Nifty may be on the soft side.


Stock Market Prediction 8th July 2016

* Ganesha says that today may be highly confusing, unpredictable and unreliable.

* Three planets - the Moon, Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction today.

* Deal today, if you have delivery capacity.

* Around 9.45 short Nifty, and around 10.25 buy Nifty.

* Around 11.45 buy Nifty, and around 12.50 or 13.30 sell Nifty.

* Around 13.30 short sell Nifty

Stock Market Prediction 7th July 2016

* Good movement in Bank Nifty is foreseen as the Moon is in Ashlesha Nakshatra today.

* From 10.25 to 12.45, a highly volatile and confusing pattern is indicated. Hence, just buy and sell, and avoid taking a big risk.

* Divide the period between 12.45 to 15.30 in 2 parts, wherein Nifty will go up during the first half; and equally go down during the second half.


Stock Market Prediction 5th July 2016

* The market may be unpredictable today due to conjunction of 4 planets.

* Avoid trading from pre-opening till the next 30 minutes.

* From 9.30 to 10.15 Nifty will go up.

* Between 10.15 to 12.15 just pass your time, as the market may remain dull.

* From 12.15 to 14.00, you will witness positive effect of buying in heavy weight scrips.

* Between

Stock Market Prediction 4th July 2016

* Cautiously do F&O to earn a good profit during this month.

* Stay alert while trading as 4 planets the Moon, Mercury, Sun and Venus are in conjunction today.  From 9.15 to 12.15, do jobbing at Nifty.

* Between 12.15 to 14.15 Nifty will go up.

* From 14.15 to 15.30, mixed to soft trend is indicated at Nifty.


The views and predicti

Stock Market Prediction 30th June 2016

* Volatility is natural today, as it is the last day of this week.

* The opening may be negative today.

* From 9.30 to 10.30, Nifty will go up.

* Between 10.30 to 12.30, Nifty may go down.

* From 12.30 to 14.30, Nifty shall go up.

* Nifty might go down, during the last one hour.


The views and predictions expressed here

Stock Market Prediction 29th June 2016

* You may get confused today in the name of F&O.

* Avoid trading during the first 30 minutes.

* From 9.45 to 10.45, Nifty will go up.

* Between 10.45 to 12.50, do timepass at Nifty.

* From 12.50 to 14.20, buying in 'A' group stocks will positively affect Nifty.

* After 14.20, observe the global market trend and pattern, and expect to

Stock Market Prediction 29th June 2016

* Today the Moon and Mars are opposite to each other. Hence, highly aggressive trading is expected in the market today, which will be good for Intraday.

* Deal with delivery capacity today.

* Around 10.20 short Nifty, and exit on making a small profit.

* Around 12.12 buy Nifty, and around 13.30 take an exit.

* Around 14.20 short Nifty, and exit on earning

Stock Market Prediction 28th June 2016

* Both Jupiter and Rahu are in degreecal conjunction, which may be unfavourable, overall and personally.

* Today the Moon is in Revati Nakshatra, which is ruled by Mercury. Hence, good movement in Bank Nifty is indicated.

* From opening to 13.00, Nifty may be directionless. Thus, only enter and exit with a small margin.

* After 13.00, do jobbing on the up side, and

Stock Market Prediction 27th June 2016

* Please see the highly volatile dates provided by Ganesha on page no.17 in our stock market prediction book.

* Read the date mentioned in the 3rd sentence of slot no.3 on page no.19, which was written in November in our prediction book.

* You can also refer our monthly graph - this is the advantage of associating with Ganesha.

* What next? We have also provided a