Stock Market Prediction 27th July 2017

* Currently, avoid Intraday in Ashok Leyland and Havells.

* The Moon-Jupiter, Mercury-Rahu, and Sun-Mars, these 3 separate combinations will be formed today.

* 9.15 to 9.43 Nifty will pass time around the surface.

* 9.43 to 1૦.25 Nifty may go up slightly.

* 1૦.25 to 12.4૦ initially Nifty may go down, and then slowly move upwards.

* 12.4૦

Stock Market Prediction 26th July 2017

* Jobbing will increase in Pharma and Real Estate stocks, as the Sun and Mars are very close to each other.

* 9.15 to 1૦.૦૦ Nifty will remain below the surface.

* 1૦.૦૦ to 13.૦૦ overall view at Nifty is positive.

* 13.૦૦ to 14.22 mixed to slightly downward trend is expected at Nifty.

* 14.22 to 15.3૦ solid movement on both sides is f

Stock Market Prediction 25th July 2017

* The Moon-Rahu-Mercury combination will confuse both you and the market while deciding the side to deal.

* Today only 2 clear trends are foreseen by Ganesha, and an uneven pattern is expected during rest of the day.

* Do delivery based work today.

* Around 1૦.3૦ buy and around 12.25 sell.

* Around 12.4૦ sell, and around 13.4૦ buy.

Stock Market Prediction 24th July 2017

* The Mercury-Rahu combination will cause major upheavals in Bank stocks.

* 9.15 to 11.1૦ trade with a small margin.  11.1૦ to 13.૦૦ Nifty will move upwards.

* Avoid taking a long position in the next slot, and just do Intraday.

* 13.૦૦ to 15.3૦ deal only with a margin of 2 rupees.


The views and predictions expressed here

Stock Market Prediction 21st July 2017

* FII, traders, big bulls and mutual funds will cause solid movement, as the Moon will be very strong today.

* During initial 15 minutes, the market will go up.

* 9.3૦ to 11.3૦ Nifty may go down slightly.

* 11.3૦ to 12.55 Nifty will go up.

* 12.55 to 13.55 Nifty may go down.

* 13.55 to 14.55 Nifty will go up slightly, but around 14.37 a co

Stock Market Prediction 20th July 2017

* The Moon-Venus combination will cause movement in Media and Entertainment stocks today.

* During initial 2 hours, only buy and sell. Avoid taking a long position, as the trend will change after every 20 minutes.

* 11.15 to 13.15 expect a one-sided game, which shall mostly be positive, but it is difficult to tell the number of points.

* 13.15 to 13.55 Nifty may go

Stock Market Prediction 19th July 2017

* In 2013 GDP was 5.5%, and in 2017 GDP is 7.1%.

* According to World Bank, it shall be 7.2% to 7.7% in the next 2 years.

* During last 3 years, inflation has decreased from 10.2% to 4.5%. And, overall the market is strong. But, you only have time till October 2019, as thereafter a big crash is foreseen.

* 9.15 to 11.૦૦ is most volatile slot of today, wherein a

Stock Market Prediction 18th July 2017

* Last month, the Sensex went up by 1ooo points in just 33 trading sessions. Hope you recollect that we had already predicted this bullish trend in our 2017-18 book.

* Today only 3 trends are foreseen, hence avoid trading in rest of the slots.

* Deal with delivery capacity.

* Short-sell around the opening time, and around 1o.4o buy.

* Around 11.3o buy, an

Stock Market Prediction 17th July 2017

* A very aggressive pattern is foreseen during this month as the Sun and Mars are together.

* Intraday traders should only do Intraday as per the weekly file.

* F&O traders must read our monthly file and book.

* Short-term traders and all others must deal after reading the slots in our book.

* 17-૦7-2૦17 to 2૦-૦7-2૦17 the market will be unre

Stock Market Prediction 14th July 2017

* You may take some time to understand GST, but don't forget that overall the Indian market is strong.

* Moon and Ketu are still together, hence also remain cautious today.

* Pre-opening to 9.45 Nifty will go up.

* 9.45 to 11.49 Nifty may go down.

* 11.49 to 13.27 Nifty shall go up.

* 13.27 to 15.૦5 Nifty may remain mixed to slightly negat

Stock Market Prediction 13th July 2017

* This is a confusing and unpredictable day, as Moon and Ketu are together.

* Especially refer the weightage from 17.7.17 to 2૦.7.17 in our monthly file.

* Also read the slot between 5-7-2૦17 to ૦3-૦8-2૦17 (23 trading days) in our book.

* During the initial 30 minutes, Nifty will try to remain on the up side of the surface.

* 1૦.૦૦ to 12.3

Stock Market Prediction 12th July 2017

* From today, aggressive planet Mars will move into Cancer, which is its debilitation sign.

* This is a high-risk, high-gain day, observes Ganesha.

* The Mars-Mercury conjunction will cause volatility in bank and real estate related stocks.

* Opening to 11.5૦ is a very good slot. Wherein, movement on both sides is foreseen, hence do Intraday

* 11.5૦ t

Stock Market Prediction 11th July 2017

* Astrologically and fundamentally, major changes are not foreseen currently.

* Ideal day for Intraday, hence trade only with delivery capacity today.

* Around 9.4o short sell Nifty and exit on making a profit.

* Around 11.4o buy and exit on earning 2 rupees.

* Around 13.4o short sell and around 14.3o exit.

* Deal as per your capacity and consid

Stock Market Prediction 10th July 2017

*  You may deal aggressively today due to the Sun-Mars combination, hence

*  work patiently.

* 9.15 to 1o.15 Nifty will maintain its overall strength.

*  1o.15 to 12.oo expect a mixed pattern, thus only do buying-selling.

*  12.oo to 14.oo Nifty shall go up.

* 14.oo to 15.3o Nifty may go down.


Stock Market Prediction 7th July 2017

* This is the 7th day of the 7th month. Hence, as per numerology, you may deal emotionally today.

* From opening till the next 3 hours, the market remain unstable. Thus, only do buying-selling.

* During the next 2 hours, Nifty will be strong.

* During the last hour, and last day of this week, Nifty may go down. Hence, avoid taking a risk.


Stock Market Prediction 6th July 2017

* Even today the Moon-Saturn and Sun-Mars will be together. Hence, you may face some issues regarding aggression and speed.

* The opening may be OK, and till 10:10 the overall strength will be maintained.

* From 1૦:1૦ to 12:1૦ Nifty may pass time, and remain slightly on the down or negative side. 2)

* Between 12:10 till the next 2 hours, buying in Nifty

Stock Market Prediction 5th July 2017

* The Chandra-Shani Vish Dosh is formed today, hence trading may be risky.

* Do delivery based intraday.

* Around 9:50 short sell, and around 11:00 exit on earning a profit, without waiting any longer.

* Around 12:00 buy Nifty, and around 14:00 take an exit.

* Around 14:10 short sell, and exit after few minutes


The views and pre

Stock Market Prediction 4th July 2017

* Yesterday's pattern is expected today. Just watch the opening and proceed accordingly.

* Today's closing will be slightly better than yesterday's closing.

* From ૦9:15 to ૦9:3૦ will be a No Position Zone.

* Between ૦9:3૦ to 1૦:3૦ Nifty will go up.

* From 1૦:3૦ to 12:3૦ Nifty may go down.

* Between 12:3૦ to 14:

Stock Market Prediction 3rd July 2017

* GST has been implemented from 1st July 2017, and today is the 1st day in the market.

* Following is the link for our GST article:-

* From 9:15 to 12:15 wait till the market becomes stable. Then, you may temporarily do Intraday.

* Between 12:15 to 14:30 Nifty will go up.

Stock Market Prediction 30th June 2017

* The nice Yog of Moon-Jupiter is formed today, which is very good for your personal horoscope.

* From opening till next 45 minutes and during the last 30 minutes, avoid taking any position, it may cause lots of tension and confusion.

* Between 9.45 to 10.45 Nifty will go up.

* From 10.45 till the next 2 hours, Nifty may remain on the soft or down side.


Stock Market Prediction 29th June 2017

* Make a strategic funds portfolio, wherein you should enter-exit properly. Only this will be useful during the next 5 years. Intraday or F&O may be useless.

* Deal quickly today and also be prepared for delivery based work, else avoid trading, advises Ganesha.

* Around 9.30 buy, and around 10.25 exit.

* Around 10.40 sell, and around 12.10 take an exit.

Stock Market Prediction 28th June 2017

* This is a very strange day, as the Moon and Rahu are together. You shall remain confused and may not understand whether the market will go up or down. Finally, you may lose your money.

* From opening to 12.30 the market pattern will be very uneven, i.e. totally unsteady. Hence, doing Intraday shall be the only alternative.

* Between 12.30 to 14.30 Nifty will go up, step by

Stock Market Prediction 27th June 2017

* Aggressive deals and cash liquidity is indicated due to Surya-Mangal Angarak Dosh, and as the Moon is in Cancer sign.

* GST bill will be presented on 01-07-2017 amidst objection, and confusion about its procedure.

* Nifty will be slightly stronger during the next week, but it is difficult to predict the number of points, before 1 week.

* From opening to 9.43 Nift

Stock Market Prediction 23rd June 2017

* There are only 3 trends for trading.

* From 10.40 onwards, Nifty may go down, step by step. Hence, enter-exit accordingly, and exit with a margin of 2 rupees.

* Between 12.22 to 13.38, expect some news based work, and thus Nifty will jump.

* Around 14.44 hammering in Nifty is foreseen. But, it is difficult to predict the number of points, one week in advance.

Stock Market Prediction 22nd June 2017

*  We would like to remind you about 24-06-2016 Brexit Day and the Sensex-Nifty points.

*  Once again read the monthly file.

*  Expect lots of liquid cash in the market, as the Moon is in its exaltation sign today.

*  From 9.15 to 10.25 a V-shaped pattern is foreseen, hence accordingly take your judgement.

*  Between 10.25 to 12.4