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Crude oil may see further low in stock market  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.comFirst week of Dec 2015 to is very important for global capital and money market

Now as per Ajay market theory this week i

Stock Market Prediction 30th November 2015

*  Dear Friends, an year back, you were advised in the book to be careful on 30-11- 2015 and you may have observed that on 1-12-2015 an RBI meeting is scheduled to take

Stock Market Prediction 27th November 2015

*  The next month – December is important for FII, as they balance their portfolio during this period.

* You may do Intraday 15 minutes after the Openin

Stock Market Prediction 26th November 2015

* Astrologically, today the Moon and Saturn are opposite to each other, whereas Mercury and Saturn are in retrograde position.

* Today, from pre-opening to 10:40,

Stock Market Prediction 24th November 2015

* The Moon is no longer in conjunction with Ketu, but it is still under Ashwini constellation. Hence, Ganesha foresees an amazing pattern at Nifty, yet the stock market trend

Stock Market Prediction 23rd November 2015

*  The stock market will remain closed on 25-11-2015 on account of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

*  The combination of Moon-Ketu, Venus-Mars-Rahu, Sun-Saturn-Mercu

Guar seeds to see down trend  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com   this week of Nov 2015 (from 23th Novto  27Nov  2015) to is very important for global capital and money market

Stock Market Prediction 20th November 2015

* Today Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun will be in Anuradha constellation, which is ruled and influenced by Saturn.

* Today, from Opening to 11:!5, the Nifty trend ma

Stock Market Prediction 19th November 2015

* Today the Moon will be in Dhanishta constellation, and will also be in conjunction with Saturn in the Navamsa/Navmansh.  Today, from Opening to 9:40, Nifty shall go up.

Aban offshore looks positive  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com18th day of Nov 2015 is represented by planet known as Mars and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Rahu, Mars and V

Stock Market Prediction 18th November 2015

* Overall, no major planetary transit is foreseen today.

* Only FII, Key Stock Market Players, Big Brokers/Speculators may reshuffle their portfolio today, as noth

Stock Market Prediction 17th November 2015

* Both, the Sun and Mercury will change Signs today, and form a combination with Saturn.

* Today, from starting till 12:50, buying-selling at Nifty may take place

Stock Market Prediction 16th November 2015

*  The Moon will be in Sagittarius Sign today.

*   Besides, Mercury and Saturn will be combust.

*  Today, from Opening to 13:00, Nifty sh

India cement &Titan look positive - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com13th day of Nov 2015 is represented by planet known as Rahu and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Rahu, Mars and V

Stock Market Prediction 13th November 2015

*  The GaneshaSpeaks team and Dharmesh Joshi wishes you a Very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year. We also wish that Lord Ganesha bestow you with his kind blessings,

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