Stock Market Prediction 24th March 2017

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* This day is perfect for Intraday, F&O and Call-Put.

* From opening to 9.57 Nifty may be slow.

* Between 9.57 to 10.39 expect movement in Nifty.

* From 10.39 to 12.39 Nifty may be very volatile. Hence, avoid trading.)

* Between 12.39 to 13.55 take a tea break, and

Stock Market Prediction 23rd March 2017

* You may experience the effect of March ending.

* Astrologically, major changes are not indicated.

* A boring and useless day is foreseen by Ganesha.

* From 9.15 to 14.30 trade with a margin of 2 rupees, and if it is not necessary, just avoid trading.

* During the last one hour, do jobbing on the up side at Nifty.


The views and

Stock Market Prediction 22nd March 2017

* Today can only be termed as Traders-Day.

* Do Intraday with delivery capacity.

* Around 9.50 buy, and around 10.40 exit Nifty.

* Do you know how to trade by setting limits on both sides using a computer?

* From 10.40 to 12.40 you will be able to deal on both sides and also earn money.

* Between 12.50 to 13.27 expect a V-shaped graph, and prepa

Stock Market Prediction 21st March 2017

* Don't forget that the Moon and Saturn are still in conjunction today.

* Today's opening may be very risky, foresees Ganesha.

* Hence, wait till Nifty stabilises during the initial one hour.

* From 10.30 to 12.30 Nifty may be highly volatile and also go down slightly.

* Between 12.30 to 13.00 expect a jump on the up side.

* Divide the p

Stock Market Prediction 20th March 2017

* The Moon-Saturn conjunction may slow down the market today.

* From opening to 10.30 Nifty may remain around the surface.

* Between 10.30 to 11.10 Nifty will go up.

* From 11.10 to 14.15 expect a mixed trend at Nifty. Hence do Intraday on both the

* Between 14.15 till the closing bell, Nifty shall go up.


The views

Stock Market Prediction 17th March 2017

* Astrologically, major changes are not foreseen today.

* Read the content about Bank Nifty and Telecom in our monthly file, and accordingly take your decisions today.

* From the opening level, Nifty may go down, step by step.

* Between 10.25 to 14.00, a very amazing pattern is foreseen by Ganesha.

* Write W twice on a paper, a graph which resembles thi

Stock Market Prediction 16th March 2017

* Today the Moon will be in Swati Constellation, which is ruled by Rahu.

* From 9.15 to 11.00 Nifty may remain on the soft side, which will be a boring period.

* Between 11.00 to 13.30 Nifty will be mixed to slightly positive.

* From 13.30 to 14.40 Nifty may go down.

* Between 14.40 till the closing bell, Nifty will go up.


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Stock Market Prediction 15th March 2017

* The Sun has now changed Signs, which will surely provide some relief, but wait for some time.

* Today is favourable for traders, not for intraday or investors.

* Between 11.21 to 13.17 expect a jump, and rest of time can be termed as a timepass period.

* Around 12.49, 13.45, and 14.27 Nifty may go down.


The views and predictions express

Stock Market Prediction 14th March 2017

* The actual results of elections in 5 states are yet to be declared, while writing this prediction.  Please read the yearly slot predictions in our monthly file and also refer the monthly graph. Deal as per your capacity in the speculative market.

* Also read the predictions for 20/03/2017.

* The 2017-18 Stock Market Predictions Book is ready. You can now pre-book your c

Stock Market Prediction 10th March 2017

* The next 3 consecutive days will be a holiday, as the market will remain closed on
13-3-2017 on account of Holi (2nd day)/Dhuleti.

* Today, the first 15 minutes will be positive.

* From 9.30 to 14.00 expect a mixed trend. Hence, don't assume anything and avoid
taking a position based on other's advice, as your money is at stake.

* From

Stock Market Prediction 9th March 2017

* Today the Moon is Swagruhi, which is good for your personal horoscope.

* The period between 9.15 to 11.15 is favourable for Intraday traders. Wherein, there is scope for jobbing, and you will earn a good profit on both the sides.

* Around 11.15 enter on the up side, and till 13.13 expect a down trend. Prepare yourself accordingly to take a perfect position.

* Bet

Stock Market Prediction 8th March 2017

* It will be better to trade as per your delivery capacity today.

* Around opening sell Nifty, and around 11.00 square-off slightly.

* During the period hereafter, do stock-based trading, as Nifty may remain unstable.

* Make sure you deal with a stoploss today.

* The trend may change after every 20 minutes. Hence, set your limits while trading on the up a

Stock Market Prediction 7th March 2017

* You will surely get confused today, as the Moon is still posited in Rahu's Constellation.

* The market will open on the up side, and then till 11.30 remain on the down side.

* Between 11.30 to 12.00 a sudden jump is expected. But, it is difficult to foretell the number of points.

* From 12.00 to13.30 overall, Nifty may go down.

* Between 13.30 to 14

Stock Market Prediction 6th March 2017

* The Sun, Mercury and Ketu are still in conjunction.

* Today, the period from opening to 9.45 will be positive.

* Between 9.45 to11.25, Nifty shall remain within the consolidation area.

* As per the weightage mentioned in the bracket, you can understand that you must only do jobbing. Many ups and downs are foreseen during this period.



Stock Market Prediction 3rd March 2017

* Today's date is 3, this is the 3rd month, and this year's total is 1.

* Numerologically, today's total is 7. Hence, today is favourable for Intraday.

* February-2018 and March-2018 will be very amazing. You shall witness this in our book.

* Today, around 9.48 sell Nifty, and exit on making a profit, without asking anyone.

* Around 12.05 sell

Stock Market Prediction 2nd March 2017

* Expect major changes or some big news in the market today.

* Overall, the Moon-Mars conjunction in Aries Sign is considered OK.

* From starting till the next 15 minutes, Nifty shall try to settle.

* Between 9.30 to 10.20, Nifty will remain slightly on the up side of the surface.

* From 10.20 to 11.20 Nifty may go down.

* Between 11.20 till 14.

Stock Market Prediction 1st March 2017

* Expect a very aggressive pattern in the market today, foretells Ganesha, one week
in advance.

* Overall, the Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction is considered favourable.

* Around 10.00 sell Nifty, and around 11.25 buy.

* Thereafter till the closing time, the trend may be totally confusing. Hence, avoid
trading and just relax. In case you understand the tre

Stock Market Prediction 28th February 2017

* Wait till the opening, and take your decision after the market becomes steady.

* From 9.15 to 10.35, Nifty may struggle.

* Between 10.35 to 11.50 Nifty may go down.

* From 11.50 to 13.50, expect a very strange pattern at Nifty, wherein FII will frequently change the buy-sell ratio.

* Between 13.50 to 15.30, Nifty will go up during the first half part, a

Stock Market Prediction 27th February 2017

* The conjunction of 4 planets, Moon-Sun-Ketu-Mercury is considered highly
unfavourable for a personalised horoscope.

* Today between 9.15 to 12.00, the overall view may be on the soft side or around the

* From 12.00 till the closing bell, the trend will change after every 22 minutes. Hence,
just change your position accordingly.


Stock Market Prediction 24th February 2017

* On 26th February, Mercury-Ketu-Moon-Sun will be together, which may be unfavourable for your personal horoscope.

* Today the Sun and Ketu are degreecal, which may be unfavourable for both the government and pharma sector.

* Clean up your portfolio for 2017.

* From 9.15 to 12.15 Nifty may be very flat and boring.

* Between 12.15 to 13.00 Nifty will go up

Stock Market Prediction 23rd February 2017

* Await the opening and wait till Nifty becomes steady.

* From opening to 10.00 Nifty will remain around the surface.

* Between 10.00 to 10.45 a technical bounce is foreseen in Nifty.

* From 10.45 to 11.50 shall be the most volatile and direction-less period of today, which may be negative.

* Between 11.50 to 12.50 Nifty will go up. )

* From 12.

Stock Market Prediction 22nd February 2017

* From 9.15 to 9.30 Nifty will open on the up side.

* Between 9.30 to 12.30 only do jobbing, or keep more weightage on the down side.

* From 12.30 to 13.10 Nifty shall go up.

* Between 13.10 to 14.30 Nifty trend may be mixed to negative.

* From 14.30 to 15.30 Nifty will remain positive, but around 15.20 a correction is indicated.


Stock Market Prediction 20th February 2017

* Ganesha once again reminds you that today and tomorrow, both are zero weightage days.

*If possible, just do delivery based trading today.

* The opening will be good, but thereafter Nifty may go down immediately, and till 12.30 remain on the down side.

* From 12.30 to 15.30, the overall view is slightly positive. But, some major corrections are also foreseen durin

Stock Market Prediction 17th February 2017

* The Moon is in Rahu's Nakshatra today, hence you may get trapped.

* The Health Care Index during this month may be weak.

* From 9.15 to 9.41 Nifty will go up.

* Between 9.41 to 12.41 Nifty may go down.

* From 12.41 to 13.22 Nifty shall go up.

* Between 13.22 to 14.40 mixed to negative pattern is likely at Nifty.

* From 14.40

Stock Market Prediction 16th February 2017

* The Moon is in Swati Nakshatra today.

* The Sun-Ketu conjunction has caused weakness in Pharma sector since last week.

* Overall rise in Automobile stocks is likely due to the Venus-Mars conjunction.

* During the initial 30 minutes, Nifty may remain around the surface.

* The period from 9.45 to 13.00 is favourable for FII, DII and big traders. You shoul